Thursday, March 13, 2008

Update on various Little Ones

The OB appointment went well yesterday except that I had a "full exam" that I wasn't expecting. I hate it when that happens cause I like to make preparations for those types of invasive exams. Little wiggly is doing great (HR 150-ish). I haven't felt any kicks/flutters yet, so (s)he's pretty well behaved. After 16 weeks the queasiness is finally gone. I was very lucky this time (and last time too) because the morning sickness was almost non-existent. The worst that I got was a car-sicky feeling whenever my stomach was empty which quickly went away whenever I ate.

I asked the doctor if I could ride the kiddie rides at the fair and she said that those were fine. I figure if it's gentle enough for a two year old, it can't be too bad right? And yes, THE FAIR is coming in two weeks and I can't wait. I'm salivating just thinking about all the yummy fair food.

I found out courtesy of bug guide that our little grassy friends from Monday are Eastern Lubber Grasshoppers. I need to stop touching (and letting Chris touch) little animals that I find out in the wild because those little guys seem to have "ample chemical defenses"...oops. I also saw these little parrots in the tree outside my office last week, but don't worry, I didn't try to touch those...I couldn't reach 'em.

Chris has an appointment for an abdominal ultrasound tomorrow. He's been poking his stomach and saying "stomach hurts" for almost a week now, so the doctor felt it was best to check him and see what the problem is. At first I thought it was a phrase he picked up at daycare, but he's been saying it for too many days now. It may or may not be related to whatever illness he had this week, so let's see.

Speaking of phrases from daycare, he definitely got this one there. Whenever he watches TV at home and a commercial for a toy (any toy, be it Barbies or My Little Pony, or Transformers) comes on he used to say "I want it". That was fine and dandy for a little while since he didn't really connect that you can find those things in a store and buy them. Lately though, he says "I like it...I want it...Find it mommy" and he goes into his playroom to look for said toy as if he has it already. Oh boy, this is only going to get worse huh?

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