Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Reporting for duty

I have been reprimanded by Amanda for not updating my blog. So here I am, reporting for blogging duty lest you think I ran away to El Salvador and never came back.

Since I got back last week, I've been busy playing packrat working, so my poor blog has suffered.

I'm too tired for an El Salvador recap right now, so let me fill you in on this past week's happenings...

On Saturday CMan came out in the Miami Herald newspaper. We had no idea he was going to come out, so it was quite a surprise when R opened the paper and found his son's picture there. Ha ha! And all because I submitted his picture to a gallery at this site, who knew?

On Sunday he fell off Amanda's couch and hit his forehead and lip. It was kind of scary because I had never seen a head bump get that big before and at first we didn't really know where the bleeding was coming from (his lip) so we thought he had knocked his tooth loose. Fortunately, he's doing better today. The bump has gone down, but it's an ugly black and blue color. He doesn't seem to notice or care that it's there. Thank God.

Yesterday I had an OB appt and the babe is fine. Kicking up a storm and growing like a weed, or is that the Taco Bell that's making me grow? The doc says I'm big for my dates and I told him that I kind of knew that because I felt so huge....not to mention that my mom reminds me of this all the time. Almost sixteen pounds so far; at this rate, I definitely see myself beating my 42 pound record with CMan (I'm only 5'4" and already had too much weight to begin with!).

Oh and I've got a cold again...that's 6 in case you're keeping track....I know I am.

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