Tuesday, December 16, 2008

J is for jinx and M is for meme

I find that all I have to do to jinx something is to blog about it. So of course since I said the breastfeeding strike was short lived, it reared it's ugly head again. My little man is apparently still having issues switching back and forth between boob and bottle. I don't know how to fix it so it's driving me crazy. He thinks he's a newborn too because he was up every two hours to eat last night. I guess he didn't get the memo that he will be four months old on Saturday and should not be getting up so often. Hopefully, the doc will give him cereal at his appointment on Tuesday.

In other news, Amanda tagged me with a meme a while ago, but I am forgetful, so here goes:

The rules:
1. Post the rules on your blog.
2. Tell 7 random things about yourself.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post.
4. Pass on the tag.

Thing 1: I pumped in the car on my way home yesterday. I was praying that I wouldn't get into an accident because how the heck do you explain that. Um sorry officer, what? Oh, these things? Um. It's a breast pump. Yeeeeah.

Thing 2: After reading Claudia's adventures, I want to take trapeze lessons. I think I may do it with Jenny when she comes to town in about 5 days (Jenny-Claus is coming to town). The fact that I'm afraid of heights is only slightly complicating this desire. Anyone that wants to come-with is free to join.

Thing 3: Thing 1 and Thing 2 are part of a Dr. Seuss book. I know, this is not about me, but I couldn't help it.

Thing 4: I am experiencing Christmas mayhem. I have only wrapped three presents so far. I think we got CMan way too many presents this year. My tree is also dying. I have the worst tree luck.

Thing 5: I am going to Disney the first week of January. Yes, if you are keeping count that means I have gone to the Orlando area four times in a span of one year. I should just buck up and buy the annual pass.

Thing 6: I think I've said this before, but Christmas songs make me cry. I guess I'm just too sentimental. I've been listening to 93.9 on the radio on my drive to and from work these days. They play 100% Christmas music during this time of year. I've been doing alot of crying on my commute these days. That, and the breast pump flanges attached to me, make a pretty interesting sight.

Thing 7: I've been to the movies two times this year (Indiana Jones and Get Smart). That is a very very sad fact because I love going to the movies. I want to go see Australia (both the movie and the continent).

I am not tagging 7 people because I don't think that many people even read this blog.

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Blogger Smart Cookie said...

I read it faithfully! And I'm a little bit peeved that you don't update more often. But having a baby sucking on your boob will do that to you I guess.

I love these so here are mine.

1. At the tiny party I hosted tonight for the elementary teachers, I totally cheated at the gift exchange. I made a note of the bag my school BFF came with and picked that gift when it was my turn.

2. It was totally worth it! It was as if that gift had my name on it.

3. I ate so much sugar tonight I'm really worried that I won't be able to sleep. I've got the shakes, man.

4. My class is driving me crazy. Up a wall. Can't wait for break.

5. I'm meeting Amanda for drinks tomorrow night. Want to come?

6. My inlaws just sent me two huge boxes from OMAHA steaks. Seriously. Best present EVER.

7. I have a pimple on my forehead, and I feel like a unicorn.

8:54 PM  
Anonymous wRitErsbLock said...

first week of January, eh?

12:45 PM  

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