Tuesday, February 24, 2009

6 months old!

Jordan is six months old (as of the 20th)! He sometimes sits unassisted, but is still a little wobbly, so I only sit him on the bed because he still faceplants once in a while. He's started eating baby food fruits (bananas, pears...he already eats veggies) and has recently (this past week) gotten the hang of how you eat solids from a spoon. He doesn't thrust his tongue out so much and actually swallows most of the food I give him (whereas before it ended up on the bib). He likes to babble and his first word was "cake" (he's definitely my child). When I say "CAKE?" to him he cracks up. Every time I try to make him laugh, he gets the hiccups, so I try to refrain from doing so even though he looks so darn cute when he's laughing. He's also doing the D sound, so Dada is close on the horizon I think.

Much to my amazement (the whole breastfeeding thing has been amazing to me) he is still breastfeeding. I was thinking about starting to wean (am scared of the incoming teeth), but my boy HATES formula, so I don't know what I'm going to do. I've tried Similac and Isomil. Perhaps I will try Enfamil next and if not, then Good Start. If not, then the weaning will have to wait. The weaning issue came up because my supply is going down (I've gotten lazy with the pumping and I sometimes go too long between pumps) and I really don't want to take Fenugreek like I did last time because it makes me smell like Aunt Jemima. We went to the pediatrician yesterday and she recommended that we try to feed him with a cup. Yeah. Ok.

Jordan hates the playpen, but he'll tolerate the swing. He goes to sleep around 8 or 9pm and then wakes up at around 1am to eat and then again at 4 or 5am. I have tried dreamfeeding him at 11pm with formula or breast milk, and he won't take it. He only wants mama. Because of the constant waking and feeding, he usually sleeps in my bed after the 1 am feeding. He gets really fussy in his crib and wakes up often which means less sleep for me, so I'm just trying to make things easier on myself. I will pay for it later, I just know it.

Christian LOVES his little brother, sometimes a little too much. He hugs him and kisses him and pulls his legs and gets right up in his face. Sometimes he wants to share his toys, but other times he gets mad. I think all the love is going to go away quickly once JJ starts walking and taking Christian's things though...ah, I can visualize the fights now.

I'm so glad I started this blog when Chris was 3 months old because it's fun to look back and see what similarities and differences they have. At this point with CMan, I had already done the cryitout at night and he had already slept through the night. The difference is that Cman drank formula, so that would hold him through the night. I can't do cryitout with Jordan because breast milk won't fill him up for long periods of time and I'm afraid that I'd be starving him. CMan was also sitting up by himself at this point too. Perhaps Jordan is carried too much (what a spoiled 2nd child!). Last but not least, Christian had more hair. Yesterday at the pediatrician Jordan weighed 17 lbs 3.5 oz (CMan was 17 lbs) and 26.5 inches in length (CMan was 25.5). He was in the 75% and 60th% (for weight and height) and the doc said he looks good. She would like him to transfer objects from one hand to the other and for him to play with his feet, so I'll be keeping an eye out for that. Last but not least, the Prevacid was discontinued (for two weeks-wait and see) because JJ hasn't been throwing up anymore, so we're hoping that he's outgrown the reflux. Cross your fingers!

On another note, thanks for your input on the hairstyle issue. Yesterday, I went and made the cut. You'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out which style I chose though...ah the suspense!

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