Thursday, July 16, 2009

Perhaps if it had been called "Killer" instead of "Thriller".

This whole month, I've been on a 4-day work week schedule which has allowed me the opportunity to be off on Wednesdays. Coincidentally our local movie theater shows free kids movies on Wednesdays, so I've been taking Christian to a movie every week.

It's been quite an experience since he had never been to the movies before. On the first trip (Charlotte's Web) we had much seat shuffling (he doesn't weigh enough to keep the seat down very well) and multiple loud outbursts regarding the plot. Our second trip (Bee Movie) featured TWO bathroom trips and remarks about how big the "TV" was. This last trip (Alvin and the Chipmunks) had him asking to go home halfway through the movie and to get him more popcorn please. I'd like to say that each time it gets a little better, but I'm not really sure. Fortunately the movies are free, so he's going to get alot of practice on movie theater etiquette this month.

On our way out we passed one of those cardboard stands that advertises coming attractions. This one had a picture of a guy in a mechanic suit with crazy hair and a white face holding a knife. I saw it and said "Oh look Chris it's Michael Myers from Halloween" (NO, he has NOT seen the movie). His reply? "That's Michael Myers? It looks like Michael Jackson". Um, no babe, Michael Jackson doesn't walk around with a knife.

Poor MJ, so misunderstood.

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Blogger gcbron said...

The first time I took my daughter to the movies she was 3. We lasted till the popcorn ran out in her kids snack pack, 30 minutes. Once the popcorn ran out it was all about moving to another seat, looking at the people behind us and finally loud repeated requests to leave.

Fortunately, it was an early showing in the middle of the week and there was hardly anyone in the theater.

1:47 PM  
Blogger Claudia said...

Heh, so your experience was similar to mine then! Good to know, I'm not alone.

11:06 AM  

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