Friday, September 25, 2009

Jordan aka Mr. Punchykittyclaws

The other night I got punched in my sleep. There is none other to blame for that sudden onslaught of mid-slumber violence than my dear boy Jordan. He is in my bed more often than not and his sleep is a little restless. Although, he's not much better in the day time. He likes to bite my face, my finger and my shoulder.
He likes to touch/punch/swat at my face, but he does it really quickly like an angry cat, a spiteful, angry cat. I tell R that Jordan's affections are a mixture of a punch puppet and Mr. kittyclaws because his little nails are super sharp.

Ah my darling 13 month old, how I love you so despite your repeated attacks.

This morning he said his 5th word! I was telling Chris about how many days were left until we went to Disney and then JJ said "DINEY". I was cracking up and R was rolling his eyes and thinking the brainwashing begins so early (in the womb to be exact...I think JJ went to Disney twice before he was even born). Other than saying dada, gogo, mama, agua and Diney, he does a whole lotta babbling. Unfortunately only he knows what he's saying. It's pretty funny because he even adds the question intonation at the end. It sounds a little something like this: DabalamawafamatobolonocotuTUU??

His top right tooth is finally emerging, so that makes 6 teeth total. He's still cruising around by holding on to furniture and is just now transferring from one piece of furniture to another. I think he's saving his first time walking for "Diney" too (it's a family thing, that's where my brother took his first steps...Tomorrowland to be exact, by the race cars)! Probably not though because he's too much of a scaredy cat to let go.

What he lacks in upward mobility though, he makes up for in speed crawling. He goes up and down and all around the house chasing after Christian. Unfortunately this has led to several instances where he busted his lip because his body went faster than his hands. He also does this funny thing where he sits and maneuvers his legs to turn himself in a circle over and over again. It's pretty funny and I hope I can catch it on video soon because it's hard to explain and funny to witness.

Jordan loves his big brother Christian and thankfully the feeling is mutual...for now. Chris loves playing with his brother and actually shares his toys with him peacefully. He tells me that he loves his brother and he hugs him all the time. Sometimes a little too tight and a little too much neck hugging action, but other than that, it's super cute. I wonder how much longer this will last...

That is my update for now on Mr. punchykittyclaws. This Sunday is Christian's actual birthday and we're off to see the mouse! Wish me luck, good weather, no crowds and short lines...alright stop laughing, what can I say, it's wishful thinking.

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Blogger gcbron said...

This behavior does not improve with age. My daughter is five now and still spends more time in our bed than she does in her own. It's a king size bed made even smaller by the two body pillows we put on either side of her to protect ourselves from the kicking, thrashing about and wild arm swinging. How someone can sleep and move so much is beyond me. Did we move around as much when we were kids?

2:49 PM  

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