Thursday, April 01, 2010

Contest update

So here's the update on the contest...

Christian ended up being #111. That’s not bad considering there were 3,875 kids! He was in the top 2.8%! We also found out about the contest really late, so he was in it for only like 2 weeks even though it started sometime in February. Maybe next time...

I’d like to thank those of you that voted for him and especially those that went the extra mile for us (you know who you are!). I know it's annoying to have someone asking you to vote all the time (especially since I love these types of contests), trust me, it's annoying to have to be asking for votes too. I feel like I'm bothering you all, then again, if you can't bother your friends, then who can you bother? Oh that's right, perfect strangers that come upon my blog...ha ha.

Thanks for putting up with my endless emails, texts, tweets, and facebook updates!

On a positive note, we are currently in the process of filming a Hooked on Phonics infomercial (I’ll post a link to that when it comes out) and signing him with a pretty snazzy agency, so wish us luck!

Blogging will return shortly...I've got lots to post about.

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