Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First day of school

I just realized I never posted this!

Yesterday was Christian's first day of Pre-K! The whole family (Jordan, R and I) dropped him off at his classroom and he asked me to help him find his seat. He didn't seem fazed at all. I introduced him to the boy next to him (who was on the verge of tears, pobrecito) and told him to show him how to make a snake (they were playing with playdoh). We took a couple of quick pictures and then we stood around for a while. Chris was completely calm and was chatting away with his new neighbor so we waved goodbye and left. I wiped my eyes and sighed as I realized my baby was in "big boy school" now. I was so proud of him because he had started talking to the boy next to him (he's usually super antisocial and won't even play in the playground if there are other kids there).

After school, we had another entourage come to pick him up. Abuela, Ren and I went to get him. When we picked him up, the teacher told me that he cried a little after playground time. My mom asked him why and he said "because I missed my mommy" (tear, so cute).

I asked him what he did in school and he said they played and colored and ate and went outside and slept, but that he didn't want to sleep so he stayed awake. I asked him if he made any new friends and he rattled off a bunch of boy names.

Me: Didn't you make friends with any girls?

C: No, I don't like girls.

Me: Why not?

C: Because they fight.

Me: Girls fight?

C: Yeah! They're always fighting with each other because they all want everything!

This morning, when he woke up he said "I don't want to go to school". Oh boy, starting with that already are we? I got an extra long hug this morning when I dropped him off. I guess he wasn't so unfazed with it this time. Let's see how the rest of the week goes.

Jordan went to the same day care as always, but this time there was no big brother around, so I was concerned about how he would handle the change. The lady said he did fine. He wasn't sad or anything and he didn't even ask for Chris (I guess since he went with us to drop him off, he didn't really wonder where he was).

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