Friday, September 30, 2011

Religious conversations with shark boy.

Lately Christian has been very concerned with birth order, who was born first and who is older than who, etc.

Chris: Mom, was God born first?
Me: Yes
Chris: Who was born second?
Me: Adam
(long pause)
Chris: Lambert?
(I knew he would say that...)
Me: LOL, no babe. Adam and Eve.

The creation of Adam Lambert?

Chris: Does God have a mustache?
Me: I'm not sure; you'll have to wait until you get to Heaven to find out
Chris: Nooo, just look it up on the Internet!

In other, non religious news, Chris has his first loose tooth! He had been complaining of tooth pain so my mom checked out his teeth and noticed that he's got a tooth coming in behind his bottom left tooth! The baby tooth is a tiny bit loose. When I saw that he had a tooth coming out in the wrong spot, I immediately thought oh no, orthodontics here we come! My mom says that once the baby tooth falls out, the other one will move up. I don't know, it looks pretty far back to me. I hope so. My wallet hopes so too!

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Blogger √Člune said...

Hahaha!! "Nooo, just look it up on the Internet!" XD He's adorable!!

When my adult teeth came out, they were very twisted and not quite at the right place, and I was totally horrified that it would stay like that forever, but they eventually took the right place and now they are rather straight.

However, sometimes I wonder if I souldn't go and ask for braces to make them even more straight. Cuz the people who wear them always have so beautiful smiles once they're done with them!

2:32 PM  

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