Friday, March 02, 2012

He's only six!

Chris: Mom, can I change my name?
Me: Yes, when you're 18. What do you want to be called?
Chris: Rolf

Christian: Mom, I'm allergic to poison ivy, salt in my eyes and inspired milk.
Me: Do you mean, expired milk? I think everyone is "allergic" to those things sweety.

Chris: Hello Methuselah!
(said to my brother as he walked in the room).

The other day, I got a prank call from my son: "I knooow your phoooone number, but you don't know who I ammmmm". He disguised his voice and all.

When we went to Disney:
Me: Do you want to ride Aladdin's Magic Carpets?
Chris: No, they look kind of lame.

Christian was drawing Mickey for his homework and only drew the outline.
Me: How about the eyes and the nose? That's not really Mickey.
Chris: Mickey doesn't exist.
Me: What do you mean? Didn't you take a picture with him last week at Disney?
Chris: That was a costume Mom.

Chris: Mom, I can play a song with my whistle.
Me: Ok, let's hear it... (he plays a little tune)
...that's nice! What's the name of that song?
Chris: All Hail wait, Rolf.

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curiously :)

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