Friday, March 09, 2007

Monkey hear, monkey say

Remember when I said there was an explosion around the corner? (no, not that kind of explosion). Well, the corner has been turned, and boy was I right. Ren and I have to be very careful with what we say these days because the C-man is trying to copy most of the sounds we make. In the past two weeks he's added these sounds to his repertoire. Here are some new "words" that our little parrot has tried to say right after we've just said them (some are in English and some are in Spanish w/translations):

ene = Ernie
ama = cama = bed
una = luna = moon
aya = aya= over there
tata = goodnight stars (from Goodnight Moon)
ta = pelota = ball
awa = agua = water
ua-ua = wow-wow= dog
tata = ventana = window
ma = Mike (from Monster's Inc.)
ba = blocks
ayai = Aye aye (as in "AYE AYE Captain" from the Spongebob theme song)

I don't know if they can officially be called "words" yet (since they're hard to understand), but more like sounds that he makes when he's trying to repeat what I just said. It's funny because he'll try to say the word once and then when I want him to repeat it so that daddy can hear, he never says it again. R says he's like that WB frog that only sings when no one's looking. How true that is.

A couple of weeks back, I also mentioned that we had made an appointment for Cman to see the audiologist. After a couple of rescheduled appointments, we finally made it in to see the good doctor today. We were hoping to find out why Cman constantly tugs at his right ear (and touches the area of his head behind the ear as well). The doc examined his ears and saw nothing remarkable. He did a hearing test and it showed that he's within the normal range, so the doc said that it may just be a habit. He also said that one reason he touches his head could be that he has some sort of infection in the bones of his head behind the ear, but that it wasn't probable because he would have fevers, pain, and redness. The doctor told us that he could order a CT scan if we really wanted to, but that he felt that it probably wasn't necessary. We told him that we would think about it.

One the one hand, I would like to find out if there's any medical reason behind this, but on the other hand, it will require that he be sedated and he may freak out a bit. He's been through so much already with the finger incident, that I don't want to put him through anymore unnecessary stress. Then again, if there really is something in the CT scan wouldn't it be better to find it sooner rather than later? Am I being a hypochondriacal mother? or just a concerned parent?'s hard to tell sometimes; it's a fine line I tell you.

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Anonymous elizasmom said...

Yay, C!
That IS a word explosion! I LOVE the bilingual use of tata.
Even though the pronunciation isn't exact yet, I think you should definitely count them as words. Plus, the L sound, which is the one he seems to be missing the most in your list, is REALLY hard for them to say. Eliza still calls herself "Ewiza."

10:00 AM  

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