Friday, May 18, 2007

Speaking of balls (updated)

The ball pit training lessons have begun! OK, not really, but knowing Cman and his fear of all things new, a little ball pit training won't hurt. If he freaks out with the bounce house, then I can imagine what will happen when he meets his first ball-pit. At first he wouldn't even get in the quasi-ball pit I created, but I have now managed to demystify the whole thing and he actually wants to get in and play with his the balls.

I guess this will be an update post of sorts since I haven't really done one recently. I update y'all on his vocabulary once in a while, but I noticed that I have been forgetting to update you on his sign language all along. Doh! He knows and does the signs for eat (hungry), bath, and cookie. Perhaps if I were a little more consistent with it he'd learn more of them, but I always forget to do them, so there goes that. He also likes to whisper now. My mom has conversations with him in whisper tone which consist of him saying the words that he uses the most, one right after the other, "dada, mama, papa, agua" in a very soft voice. It's so cute. He also finally learned how to use a straw. I say finally because a while ago, I showed great surprise when I saw Izabella drinking from a straw. I was instantly mocked and informed that it's pretty commonplace for 9 month-olds to know how to use a straw (then why do the packages of sippy cups with straws say for ages 2+ huh? huh? huh?). News to me. Anyway, I think it was the taste of the McDonald's St.Patty's milkshake that did the trick. He's a pro with the straw now. He's very good at doing puzzles and has been doing them since I got him an animal one in March, although sometimes he gets pissed off when the piece doesn't go in as quickly as he would like it to and he throws the puzzle and all the pieces in anger (a bit of a temper?). He's eating his solid food like a champ now, but I feed it to him because when I was putting it on the tray for him to feed himself, he would ignore it or throw it on the floor. It takes him an hour to eat a small bowl of food (yes, with me feeding it to him). I think it will get better though because it seems that all four of his bottom molars (or whatever teeth come after the front bottom four) are coming out at the same time. This is making him very drooly and frustrated at times, but hopefully he will eat faster now. Maybe we can cut our feeding time to 45 minutes!? I just hope the let's bite mommy phase doesn't come back.

It looks like I blocked comments by mistake when I originally posted this....all fixed now!

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Blogger AmandaDufau said...

Did I tell you that the "EasterBunny" brought Matthew the new sign language DVD from Baby Einstein? I am very eager to show him how to sign.
I haven't heard that it's that common for 9 month olds to know how to use a straw, but then again, you learn something new every day!
As for the mealtimes...slowly but surely, my friend! =)

12:41 PM  

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