Monday, July 16, 2007

Updates of all sorts

We've been busy doing lots of fun stuff lately, so I apologize because the blogging has fallen by the wayside.

The Friday before last, my partner in crime Jenny, came to visit from LA. She was going on a trip with her parents, so unfortunately I only got to see her for one night. Although one night is barely enough time for us to talk and catch up, we made the most of it. We went to out to dinner and had fun goofing off with our friends Meg and Claude. Meg and I are going to LA in two months to see her though, so I'll see you in September Jen!

We will be adding another boy to our group of kidlets because I found out that my friends Lissette and Mike are expecting a little one in October. I found out a tad late though since she's already 25 weeks (prob 26 by now). She was waiting for the first trimester to pass before telling anyone and then after that, she didn't quite know how to tell people because so much time had passed. I wonder if she planned on letting people know with the baby shower invitation! Speaking of friend Lilli is due to have her little boy at the end of this month. She's got a poll going to see who can guess the date of the baby's arrival. I guessed the 18th, so let's all send some contraction vibes to her so I can win ok? Ha ha...sorry Lilli.

I've been feeling awfully creative lately, so I had a little arts and crafts session at home the other day. Since Cman likes to act like he's the king of the universe, I made a little crown for him to wear on his head. I'm also working on a little project for his birthday in September. I could have bought this item for $35, but I think it's so much more fun to make things yourself. Too bad you'll have to wait until Sept to see what it is (what a tease).

Christian had his first little coin operated vehicle ride in Walmart the other day. At first it freaked him out a little, but then he enjoyed the ride. He even found a little toy cow in the car.

The weekend before last we went to Dylan's first birthday party. There was a fun ball pit for the kids and I'm happy to report that Cman actually got in to play with the other kids...repeatedly! Woohoo! Yay for progress! You laugh, but I bet you it was the ball pit training that helped!

Unfortunately the area where no progress is being made is in the swimming pool. Whereas before he would get in the pool (and stay in for the whole class) and even go underwater, now he doesn't even want to go in anymore. The past 3 times that we have taken him to the pool he has only wanted to play on the steps or not even wanted to get in at all. I guess it was too much too soon; now we have to take it slow and let him get warmed up to it again. I don't want to freak him out so that he'll never want to go in the water again, so we have to take cues from him and go at his pace, however slow that may be.

The daycare is going fabulously. He doesn't cry anymore when Ren drops him off (neither does Ren..ha ha jk). He sleeps one two-hour nap now and that is a glorious stretch of time that allows me to nap with him or get important stuff done around the house (you know like scrapping and watching movies and stuff).

I haven't done a "words" blog in over a month because he's gotten to the point that I can no longer count them and/or remember them. He used to say one or two new words per day, but now he repeats things all the time, so I'd have to be walking around with a notepad in order to get them all down. Let's just say he's become quite a little parrot.

Speaking of parrots, we'll be going to a pirate theme birthday party this weekend, so adorable toddler pirate photos are forthcoming!

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Anonymous elizasmom said...

Hee! Love the picture with the crown — that expression is pretty awesome. "The king is not amused..."

8:34 PM  

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