Thursday, November 19, 2009

Adam. And the difficult questions begin....

The other day, Chris and I were in the car listening to Adam Lambert's new single: For Your Entertainment (which Chris asks me to play over and over again and I totally don't mind) when the following questions came up:

Chris: Mommy, does Adam Lambert wear make-up to look cool?

Me: He wears make-up because he's a singer on TV (I've told him that people on TV wear makeup).

Let's just say I had to be careful how I answered that (let's not encourage the boy) because my son is a little too intrigued by my makeup bag and it's contents. If he wants to be the next Adam Lambert and wear makeup when he's in his 20's so be it, but I'd rather it didn't start in pre-school.

Christian: Mommy, does Adam Lambert have a girlfriend?
Me: Um, I'm not sure babe. He might. He might not.

Sure, I could've used that as an opportunity to say that he might have a girlfriend or a boyfriend, but I think Chris is a bit young for that conversation just yet (what do you think?). I mean, he just turned 4!

I'm not sure if he asked me that because he's currently obsessed with girlfriends (he tells me he has several) or if he picked up on a different vibe from Adam Lambert. Hm, kids are quite perceptive.

Anyway, whether Adam has a boyfriend or a girlfriend (or both?) is of no consequence and none of my business (unless he's accepting applications) because he's got a beautiful voice (and hello, having that face doesn't hurt) and is extremely talented.

I was having conniptions about having to wait until next week for his album to come out, but fortunately, an online stream is available now for your listening pleasure (and mine!) right here. The songs are pretty catchy. Santa, if you're reading this, I'd like this CD under the tree this year...thankyouverymuch.

I can't wait until he goes on tour; that is one show I don't want to miss. I didn't see him on the American Idol tour because I didn't want to have to sit through all that cheese just to see him. It's bad enough that I tuned into AI this year just for the parts where he would sing. I'm thinking a meet and greet would be excellent. Do you think they would frown upon thirty-something-mom-types sitting on his lap for pictures? Yes you say? Oh darn. I thought he was there for MY entertainment.

Anyway, back to the favorites are Music Again, For Your Entertainment, If I Had You, Aftermath, Time For Miracles...oh I could keep going. Just listen for yourself. What do you think? Which songs do you like/dislike?...oh...and how would YOU have answered those questions?

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