Monday, November 23, 2009

I swear I don't know where he gets it from

I've got some new Christian tidbits overheard at my house:

Ren: If you don't behave Chris, Santa's going to bring you Moxie Girl toys.
Chris: Oh yeah, well Santa's going to bring you a bag of rocks.

For this next one, let me set the scene: Chris is running around playing ninja with a fake, rubber knife (It got left behind in the putting away of my Halloween stash):

Chris: What time is it? (he asks this alllll the time).
Me: It's time to go to sleep.
Chris: No, it's time to cut some arms off.

I swear he doesn't watch serial killer movies.

Speaking of watching things that he shouldn't. Last night Chris wanted to see Adam Lambert sing on the AMA's. Let's just say I'm suuuuper thankful that he fell asleep before Adam came out because... Hello! Men on leashes (I have to admit that was pretty cool)! Face to pelvis thrusting (woah, very risquee)! Making out with a dude (Hey, Brittney and Madonna did it)!... and that was just while Ryan Seacrest was introducing the act (j/k)!

I knew he was going for shock value, but that was over the top; any ONE of those things would have gotten the job done (publicity), no need to show all your bag of tricks in one performance some for later. You know it's good for a singer's career to have everyone talking about them (he was #1 trending topic on Twitter last night), but it's especially beneficial when they are saying good things. I think he lost alot of fans last night (not me of course) and he gained some too I'm guessing. Hopefully the gain outweighs the loss.

Adam pushed the envelope alright....unfortunately the sound was also really bad and Adam sounded a little off key (nerves?) so it's pretty sad that that was the first impression that people that haven't listened to his music got. Hopefully he will sound better this week when he appears on Letterman/Good Morning America, hopefully he'll recoup some of his lost fans and redeem himself, and hopefully I'll be able to let my son watch it this time.

Adam, you've been a naughty naughty boy; keep it up and you'll be getting a bag of rocks for Christmas this year.

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