Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Little fishies

Jordan's first swimming class with the "big kids" (ages 3 and up) started in January. We talked it up real big for him and made him feel special because he was no longer going to Mommy and Me class.
Here's how that worked out for us:

Could he possibly sit any further away from the class? He was as far up in the corner of the pool as possible. He alternated between crying and sulking in the corner and doing his best to ignore the class and the teacher. Fortunately Christian had a better time of it.
After class we asked Jordan why he cried so much since he's a big boy now. He said "I don't know". We reminded him how much he loves swimming (he actually does) and how nice the teacher is. We told him no more crying in swim class OK? and he said he wouldn't cry any more (sure bob, we'll see about that). The following week, we braced ourselves for a repeat performance.
And we got this:

We got lots of smiles and lots of swimming. Who knew? He was telling the truth! Ever since then, he loves the class and his teacher. In fact, he loves it so much I have to keep an eagle eye on him because he just throws himself all over the pool as if he were a champion swimmer.

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Monday, February 13, 2012

And here I was thinking I'd get a macaroni necklace

Chris: Today isn't Valentine's day?
Me: No, tomorrow is. Are you getting me something for Valentine's day?
Chris: Yes.
Me: You are? What is it?
Chris: Adam Lambert panties

LOL! I can already see that he's going to be a good gift giver in the future. Ha ha! Nevermind that they don't make Adam Lambert underwear...well, at least I don't think they do....hm...hold that thought...brb...

I stand corrected.

Maybe I can wear them to the No-Pants Metro Rail Ride next year.

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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Languages, summer camp and staying fit

While watching Star Wars on TV with Christian the other day, the characters on the screen started speaking one of the many Star Wars languages and the following conversation ensued:
Me: What were they saying Chris?
Chris: I don't know, they were speaking in France.

While trying to pick out a summer camp:
Me: What kind of camp do you want to go to Chris? They have space camp and magic camp and acting camp...
Chris: I want to go to lunch camp.

While watching the Little Mermaid, Ursula the sea witch comes on the screen:
Christian: Oh my God, that lady needs to exercise!

Speaking of exercise:
Chris: What are those?
Me: Shorts for the gym.
Chris: You're going to the gym now?
Me: Yes, so I won't be fat.
Chris: You're not fat.
Me: Thanks sweetie.

and one from the king of compliments:
Jordan: You are awesome Claudia! I like you Mommy.

I swear I haven't coached these children to give me ego boosts...

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