Friday, September 25, 2009

Jordan aka Mr. Punchykittyclaws

The other night I got punched in my sleep. There is none other to blame for that sudden onslaught of mid-slumber violence than my dear boy Jordan. He is in my bed more often than not and his sleep is a little restless. Although, he's not much better in the day time. He likes to bite my face, my finger and my shoulder.
He likes to touch/punch/swat at my face, but he does it really quickly like an angry cat, a spiteful, angry cat. I tell R that Jordan's affections are a mixture of a punch puppet and Mr. kittyclaws because his little nails are super sharp.

Ah my darling 13 month old, how I love you so despite your repeated attacks.

This morning he said his 5th word! I was telling Chris about how many days were left until we went to Disney and then JJ said "DINEY". I was cracking up and R was rolling his eyes and thinking the brainwashing begins so early (in the womb to be exact...I think JJ went to Disney twice before he was even born). Other than saying dada, gogo, mama, agua and Diney, he does a whole lotta babbling. Unfortunately only he knows what he's saying. It's pretty funny because he even adds the question intonation at the end. It sounds a little something like this: DabalamawafamatobolonocotuTUU??

His top right tooth is finally emerging, so that makes 6 teeth total. He's still cruising around by holding on to furniture and is just now transferring from one piece of furniture to another. I think he's saving his first time walking for "Diney" too (it's a family thing, that's where my brother took his first steps...Tomorrowland to be exact, by the race cars)! Probably not though because he's too much of a scaredy cat to let go.

What he lacks in upward mobility though, he makes up for in speed crawling. He goes up and down and all around the house chasing after Christian. Unfortunately this has led to several instances where he busted his lip because his body went faster than his hands. He also does this funny thing where he sits and maneuvers his legs to turn himself in a circle over and over again. It's pretty funny and I hope I can catch it on video soon because it's hard to explain and funny to witness.

Jordan loves his big brother Christian and thankfully the feeling is mutual...for now. Chris loves playing with his brother and actually shares his toys with him peacefully. He tells me that he loves his brother and he hugs him all the time. Sometimes a little too tight and a little too much neck hugging action, but other than that, it's super cute. I wonder how much longer this will last...

That is my update for now on Mr. punchykittyclaws. This Sunday is Christian's actual birthday and we're off to see the mouse! Wish me luck, good weather, no crowds and short lines...alright stop laughing, what can I say, it's wishful thinking.

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tidbits from Christian

Me: Christian, why are you bothering your brother?
C: Because...because...because.....because of the wonderful things he does...we're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Oz!

The other day R was scolding Chris for something he had done and in the middle of the "don't you ever" and the "you are not to ever do that again" Chris very calmly said "there's a bug on your shirt dad". I can't tell you how hard Ren had to fight to not laugh.

Today in the car, we were talking about what rides he wanted to go on next weekend at Disney:
Chris: I want to go to Twilight!
Me: Sorry babe, there's no Twilight ride.
Chris: Yes there is! You go on a ship and the bad guys are there too and then when you look in the mirror, they're in the ship with you.
Me: That sounds like a good idea Chris, you're right, there should be a Twilight ride.
Sounds like an interesting concept (and it also sounds like a mixture of the pirates and the haunted mansion rides).

Random outburst from the backseat: "What do you mean I have a beard?".

This kid is hilarious.

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Does whatever a spider can.

I threw a Spiderman party for both boys this past weekend. It just didn't make sense to have two separate parties when their birthdays are only about 6 weeks away. I was praying and hoping for good weather (and no hurricanes or tropical storms) and I got it for the most part.

The kids had a blast in the bounce house and at the playground and who knew the snow cone machine would be such a hit? I did not have Spiderman show up to the party because I learned my lesson from last year's pirate incident (Chris doesn't like characters or being the center of their attention) where the poor guy was trying to play games with the kids and none of them wanted to play. As they say in El Salvador, que cipotes mas bayuncos (silly kids).

We had a pin the tail on the donkey game and we were also going to play hot potato (Spuderman?), but I forgot the music, so the donkey game would have to suffice. The piñata was super nice, but it didn't work how it was supposed to, so we had to disembowel Spiderman in order for him to give up the goods.

After that, the weather got crazy and we got some wind gusts that knocked over the gift well, the treat bags and threatened to take a few of the children. We quickly sang Happy Birthday because we thought it was going to start raining. The candles of course didn't light so it was one of those let's pretend to blow it out moments, but fortunately Chris couldn't care less...and Jordan can't blow out candles, so we were good.

Our cake unfortunately was not good. Oh sure, it tasted good, but 2 hours before the party was due to start, it said "Happy Birthday Anthony" on it. Too bad it was supposed to say "Christian and Jordan" instead. Anyway, the bakery "fixed it" for us so that everyone at the party wouldn't think that I just went and bought a cake from the bargain bin. Oh good a Spiderman cake, I'll take this one hopefully no one will notice that the name is wrong. Regardless of the name being wrong, I think the design was kind of ugly (Look at it, what is it? a fishing net? a lopsided building? a trapeze net? fishnet stockings? a brick wall?), so this one is going straight to Cake Wrecks. The irony of course is that I had been perusing that site just the week before, little did I know that our cake would end up being a candidate.

In the end, despite the wind gusts, the malfunctioning piñata and the crazy cake, I think everyone had a good time. My parties? Never a dull moment that's for sure.

Jordan's actual birthday was on Aug 20th and Chris' birthday is on Sept 27. The celebrations aren't over as we plan on taking the kids to Disney that weekend...yeah, that's it....we're going for the kids. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

I'm too sexy for my clothes

Hey! Look who's on the new Jady Images flyer!


We had a session with Jady Images this past weekend where we discovered these flyers. Ha!

Anyway, I can't wait to see how this last batch of pictures came out, but here's a preview from the Jady Images blog.

The ladies at Jady Images have also agreed to help me out with my "little" Thrill The World project! You guys are great! Thanks!

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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Well Buzz Lightyear must be a Republican then...

Last night Chris and I were watching the news and a clip of President Obama speaking to the kids at school came on the TV (if you didn't see it, you can click here to read it).

Chris: Barack Obama!
Me: Yes babe, he's the president.
Chris: Why?
Me: Because we voted for him, we chose him. He said he wanted to be President and we said he could. We said YES.
Chris: Oh yeah, but Buzz Lightyear said NO.

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