Friday, March 31, 2006

Ice cream and pizza and some KF chickens

Arrowroot cookies and warm milk with mittens
Anything edible anyone brings
These are a few of my favorite things

Cream with frijoles and crisp apple streudels
Cereal and chocolate and schnitzel with noodles
Blue cheese with celery and buffalo wings
These are a few of my favorite things

Food that is yummy and doesn't cause rashes
White powdered sugar on my nose and eyelashes
Smooth peanut butter that on my mouth clings
These are a few of my favorite things

When the cramps hit
When the phone rings
When I'm feeling sad
I simply pig out on my favorite things
And then I don't feel so bad

Thursday, March 30, 2006


I feel neglectful; I feel as if this week my posts have been few and far between. What can I say? This is the busy season at my job. I haven't even been able to read the blogs that I usually visit, much less post on my own. But now, I finally have some time (hence today's double post) to stop and catch my breath, so I will share some useless tidbits with you...

To begin with, I'd like to remind you that tomorrow is Photo Friday, so tomorrow's theme is: Get your snack on.

Here's how Calliope explains the topic: "Share photos of you preparing, sharing, eating, cleaning up, whatever, your favorite snack. Feel free to do a montage. & if your favorite snack is, um, pervy, just try to keep it a clean photo...". would think that that would be an easy one for me to do, what with my love of all things edible and all, but no. This is difficult for me, only because I don't have a favorite snack. I love lots of different things! Perhaps I will do a montage of all my favorite I'll see what I can come up with. It will definitely not involve a picture of me stuffing my face, I can assure you of that!

On a separate and non-edible note, I have become totally enthralled with the following sites: You Tube and My Space. I'll have to thank my friends for introducing me to these two marvels of internet land.

On You tube, you can search through kajillions (so tell us Claudia, how many commas are in this number?) of videos. There are all sorts of funny, strange and interesting videos to see here. You can even search for episodes and theme songs of your favorite TV shows. It has kept me very entertained for some time now. Here's one of my favorite clips from a movie called Just Friends.
The movie is about this fat guy who's totally obsessed with this girl, but she doesn't like him back, but then ten years pass and he grows up to be a total hottie and'll just have to see the movie now, won't you. The movie is hilarious, go rent it.

My Space is fun because I can stay in contact with people that I hardly see anymore. I have also been able to renew contact with many long lost friends, acquaintances and co-workers. Once in a while, I run into the profile of someone I hadn't seen in a long time. This very act has led me to have many WOW! (both good and bad) moments, especially a recent one that I just had (not naming any names). It caused me to have a major introspective episode. I'll save that story for another day. Go and check the site out (I'm so bossy around here...go rent it, go check it out, go clean my house).

OK this last paragraph has nothing to do with anything here (well, it does have to do with "tidbits", sort of), but I always laugh when I find spam in my inbox. The emails have the funniest titles. I recently got one called Peepee-nhancer. Ha ha! Are those two of Santa's lost reindeer (you know Dasher and Dancer and Hancer and Vixen, Comet and Cupid and Peepee and Blitzen)? Is that an email about a couple named Peepee and Hancer? Either that or word must have gotten out that my pee pee needs enhancing. I'll try to keep that a secret next time.

Grandma's Day!

Yesterday C-Man had a busy day! He had a pediatrician appointment and it was his Grandma's birthday.

In the morning I took him to the pediatrician for his 6 month doctor's appointment. He's been eating well, and she said he looks good. He weighs 17 pounds and is 25.5 inches tall. It looks like my baby is growing out instead of up! Poor little C-Man got four shots, so he was crabby for the rest of the day. I hate seeing him go through that, especially when he wakes up in such a good mood.

After the appointment, Christian spent the rest of the day with Grandma. She showed him how to prop himself up so that he can learn how to crawl. She then put her visor on him and showed him how to be a blackjack dealer, either that or a drum player, I can't really tell what she had in mind.

In the evening, after dinner we had dessert and sang Happy Birthday to my mom, unfortunately, the shots had made C-Man very tired, so he slept through the birthday song. Oh well, perhaps he'll be awake for Grandpa's birthday song on Saturday!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Watch out daycare, here I come!

Today Christian is six months old! Wow, they grow up so fast! Can you believe he's already driving?

Today was also Christian's first day at daycare, well, half-day anyway. My mom (because Ren and I were too chicken to do so) took him to the daycare at 11:30 this morning. She said bye bye and left him with the nice ladies. He didn't even cry or make a sad face.

At 3:30pm my mom picked him up. Ms. Mary (the day-care lady) said that he behaved wonderfully! He took two naps with his blankie and didn't cry even once. When my mom got there, he was happily sitting in a bumbo seat playing with his favorite piano.

What a good baby. I'm so relieved to hear that he had a good time. I really thought he was going to cry. I think our repeated trips to the daycare last week really helped to acclimate him so that's why he didn't feel like he was with total strangers today. What a happy day! Happy baby = Happy mom.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Le Printemps

This week's Photo Friday theme is Springtime! What does Spring look like in (insert your city or town of residence here). Here's what I see when I walk behind our house. Gotta love Florida!

Since I was already outside on the grass with Christian, I took the opportunity to introduce them. Christian meet grass, grass meet Christian.

Christian didn't like his new friend.
Would you like it if your new friend was itchy and green?

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Tag, You're it!

Wow, My first ever Meme tag! Don't I feel special now?
Thanks Meredith!

4 jobs I've had:

· Cashier at Wendy's
· File Clerk
· Medical Secretary
· Office Manager/Billing

4 movies I can watch over and over:

· Annie - This is my favorite movie. I Love it!
· Dirty Dancing- Every time I catch this on TV, I end up watching the whole thing.
· Austin Powers - I can quote several lines from this movie, and tend to do so often.
· Ace Ventura When Nature Calls - I love the rhinoceros part.

4 places I've lived (I have to name neighborhoods here because I've lived in Miami for 25 years now):

· San Salvador, El Salvador
· Kendall, FL
· Olympia Heights, FL
· The Hammocks, FL

4 TV shows I love:

· Amazing Race: I SO want to be on this show.
· Prison Break: The guy is cute.
· Survivor: How do these people shave their legs?
· Extreme Makeover: I SO want to be on this show.

4 places I've vacationed:

· Prague
· Mexico
· Lake Tahoe
· Bahamas

4 of my favorite dishes

· Pad Thai
· Fetuccini Alfredo
· Honey Chicken
· Pupusas (Salvadorean food)

4 places I would rather be right now:

· Home with Christian
· In El Salvador with my family on the beach
· In France (I had a dream about France last night... more on this later).
· In bed sleeping (it's raining right now, I love to sleep to the sound of rain).

Now, I tag these people:

Amanda: I know you recently did a similar one, too bad, do it again.




Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Jesus loves the little children

and he loves me too.

Last night I woke C-Man up at 11:30pm to change his diaper and give him a bottle. He only drank 2oz. I thought, uh-oh, this surely won't help to sustain him through the night. His last feeding had been at 8pm when he had his green beans (more on that later) and his sweat potatoes (ha ha).

I put him in his crib and he went to sleep. At this point it was almost midnight and I was exhausted. The previous night's lack of sleep had finally caught up to me. My eyelids were very heavy and I thought to myself, "if there is ever a night for him to sleep all the way through, this would be it".

I also said a little prayer:
Jesus, please help my son to sleep soundly through the night.
Please help him soothe himself to sleep without wailing like a madman.
Please comfort him so that he and I and Ren can have a good night's sleep tonight.

I turned on the monitor and went to sleep. I woke up suddenly when I heard C-Man stiring in his crib and thought to myself, oh boy, here we go again. I looked at my watch thinking it was 2 am or something like that, but was somewhat surprised when I noticed it was 4:30 am! Wow! Wait, it gets better. He didn't wake up at 4:30, he was just rustling about in his crib and he went back to sleep.
By himself.
Without crying.
Or the pacifier.
And stayed asleep.
Until 6:15 am!

He played in his crib for about half an hour and I went and picked him up at 7 am. He flashed me a beautiful smile and I knew all was good in the world.
The hubster didn't say anything about my Cruella de Ville status, but he did ask me whether the baby had slept through the night. I guess he thought that he might not have heard the wailing since he slept on the sofa in protest of my parenting decision. I proudly said "Yes, he slept through the night. Now let's hope that wasn't a fluke. Let's hope last night's behavior repeats itself, over and over again".

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Oh what a night


As I've stated many times before, C-Man has the habit of waking up several times in the middle of the night to complain that his pacifier has fallen out of his mouth. Bolstered by the pediatrician's insistence that he should be sleeping through the night and that I can let him cry it out, I decided to relieve him of his pacifier last night. Let me just say that my neighbors are probably hating me now. No one got any sleep last night and my husband now thinks that I own a spotted fur coat.

It all started peacefully enough. The baby went to sleep without the need for his paci. He had his 6oz bottle at 8pm and I put him in his crib awake. He went to sleep by himself as he usually does. I was expecting him to rouse at around 11 or 12 that night so that I could give him another bottle to hold him over for the night, but alas, he never did. Not until almost 2am anyway. At this point I had three choices:
a) feed him even though I am trying to get him to stop associating night-time with feeding time
b) give him his pacifier even though I had decided that tonight was the night that I would try to take the paci habit away so that he would stop waking us (read: me) up several times a night or
c) do neither of the above and see if he would soothe himself to sleep or if he would wail like a madman (my money was on the latter).

Well, since I hadn't had enough excitement in the day yesterday, I chose option c. He immediately started crying like a madman, I picked him up and held him for several minutes to see if he would settle down on his own, but no such luck. I put him back in his crib and decided to give him five minutes to see if he would stop crying and go back to sleep on his own. Shortly thereafter R bursts into the room wondering what I'm doing to the child. I explain that tonight he will be crying it out because I do not want to be on pacifier duty anymore. At this point C-Man's screams have escalated and he starts making coughing/choking noises. My husband glares at me and says, "he's choking now!, NO WAY!" and proceeds to pick him up. I got pissed off and left to my room but not before telling him that if he was going to undermine my efforts, then he could do pacifier duty and he said "fine I will"...yeah ok.

R finally listened to me and put the baby back down at which point he began to wail again. I pointed to one of my many baby books that stated that it was ok to let the baby cry it out for a little while. The method I was trying to use said to let him cry for 5 min, then comfort him for 1 min (without taking him out of the crib), then leave and if he was still crying after 6 minutes come back and comfort him again, each time extending the amount of time that you wait before coming back. Well, let's just say that R practically broke out the stopwatch. He was like a little kid in the back seat "are we there yet?", "have 5 minutes passed yet?".

After the 2nd time that I went to comfort the baby, he finally fell asleep on his own. An hour later, he was up again. This time, he fell asleep before the 5 minutes elapsed. An hour later, he was up again. This time, it took several comforting sessions just like the first time. An hour later, he was up again (I'm detecting a pattern here...). This time, he also fell asleep before the five minutes were up. It was then about 4:30 am. I figured that if he woke up again in 30 minutes, I would just give him his morning bottle since that was the time that he usually drank it anyway. But he didn't wake up, not till 7 am anyway. At which point almost 12 hours had elapsed since his last feeding.

When I picked him up out of this crib this morning, I was worried that he was probably starving, so I quickly made him a 6oz bottle. Oddly enough though, he didn't seem to be asking (whining) for it. I mean, he was happy when he saw it, but not in a ravenous "oh my God finally some food!" kind of way. He finished the whole bottle, which he hardly ever does, so he was hungry, but not angry and starving. Ideally, he should have had a bottle at 11 or midnight so that it could hold him up for the night, but his eating schedule was so wacky yesterday, that his last bottle ended up being at 8pm. I then began to wonder if towards the end he was crying not because he wanted the paci, but because he was hungry. I feel like such a terrible mom. The whole day I have been racked with guilt over making my poor baby cry, but I just don't know what to do anymore. I really don't want to be waking up several times a night to replace a pacifier, but I don't want to play the crying game either.

I'm in for another crappy night tonight. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Monday, March 20, 2006

*Sweet Potatoes

Judging by this face... can easily conclude...

...that Christian didn't like...

...his first baby food experience.

Fortunately, by the end of the meal, he realized that sweet potatoes are yummy afterall.

*I almost wrote sweat potatoes (ewww) at the beginning of this post. ha ha. I'm easily amused as you can see.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Follow-up Report

Friday was quite a productive day. I went to see my Endo, C-Man was well behaved and even fell asleep while the doctor was seeing me. The doc reduced my meds, so either I've been taking the wrong dosage all my life, or I'm getting better (hopefully the latter).

After that I took C-Man to the pediatrician to find out why his eating habits are so crappy. She told us that we were giving him too much cereal and I told her that it was cause he wouldn't drink his milk, so I had to give him something. She said that's why he wasn't drinking his milk, I told her I gave him the milk before the cereal. We went back and forth like this until she said that it was a vicious cycle and I wondered if she meant his not eating or the conversation we were having.

She finally put him on baby food, so we started that as well. She also said that he shouldn't be eating in the middle of the night (you're telling me) and that I should move back to my room and not sleep in the baby's room. So last night I hesitantly moved back into my own bed. Oh the tears were flowing that night, mine not C-Man's; I don't even think he noticed. I am happy to report though that he only awoke a couple of times to complain about his paci falling out of his mouth. He went without eating for 7 hours, which is what the pedi said he should be doing. Perhaps by being in his room, I was the one that was causing him to wake up and want to eat. Perhaps he heard me rustling about, either that or all my midnight snoring and farting woke him up.

I also went back to Daycare B to talk some more with the director and with the lady that would be taking care of my son. First I spoke with the director and told her what happened with the unreachable phone situation. She assured me that that was a rare occurrence and gave me her own personal cell phone number should that ever happen again (which it shouldn't). This director was very nice and not the snotty one that I spoke with on the phone. Next, I spoke with the caretaker and let me tell you, I was not impressed. She seemed a little grumpy and crabby and didn't seem the least bit interested in my child (not like the lady in Daycare A anyways). Although Daycare B is more affordable and more convenient, the more I see of it, the less I want to leave him there. I think I'll go back to Daycare A, it is more expensive and out of the way, but I'll have to bite the bullet and put him there. My sanity and most importantly, my son's well-being, are worth any inconvenience that may be placed upon me or my wallet.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Bouncing Baby Girl

I bet you thought I forgot about Photo Friday huh? Fear not my friends. Today is a two post day (wow, I'm really turning 'em out this week).

Today's Photo Friday topic is baby in my baby picture (not my baby's picture...note the careful placement of the apostrophe and the s). I went home to dig through my 70's, flower-powery looking baby album to find this gem (insert collective awwwwwww here).

Top o' the morning!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

D-Day part deux

I'm taking the day off from work tomorrow. I will be going to see my Endocrinologist (PCOS & Hypothyroidism. Oh joy what a grab-bag of fun stuff!) and then I will be taking Meredith's advice and going to Daycare B to sit for a while and see what the dynamics of the place are. If all goes well and they don't start flinging children across the room, he will probably end up going to Daycare B. Although I am a little disheartened by what transpired this week. I tried to call the place up to see if they still had space and I kept getting a busy signal. I called back like eight times (I'm very persistent) and finally got through and guess what? I got an answering machine. I left a message. The next day, they still hadn't called me back. I called again the following day and I finally got a live human on the other end. I asked her if they had another number that parents could call and she said no. I told her about the telephonic events that had transpired and it didn't seem to phase her (this is the director mind you). I don't know if I'm too comfortable with the fact that I may not be able to reach my child or his careprovider in case of an emergency. Does that make sense? or am I just being too picky? Am I subconsiously sabotaging every daycare I see? One of the day cares I didn't like just cause they turned their lights out from 12 to 2 (naptime). I wish I knew what to do. I might stop by Daycare A again too, for some reason that place seems to be calling out to me (literally, the director called me to follow up on my visit, place B didn't do that). Let's see what happens...

I'm taking C-Man to the doctor tomorrow too. I'm worried because he doesn't eat that much (about 18 oz in a 24 hour period) ever since we started feeding him cereal. He seems small to me too, we'll see what the doctor says.

Oh and Photo Friday is tomorrow; the theme is baby pictures.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Don't be rude

I found this during my blog explorations, unfortunately, I don't remember where...

It's the Book 123 Meme.

Here's what you do:

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the sentence in your blog along with these instructions.
5. Don't search around and look for the 'coolest' book you can find. Do what's actually next to you.

My sentence?

"'Don't be rude, dear,' said his mother placidly."

This sentence is from A Room With a View by E.M. Forster

I'm not tagging anyone, feel free to play along if you'd like.

I'm not even reading this book at the moment. It's just sitting here on my desk, waiting for me to finish Sense and Sensibility; sadly, that book is also not being read, although I carry it in my purse for whenever I'm bored. Since my discovery of blogs, I don't really get much done anymore. You should see the pile of magazines I have on my nightstand...just waiting to be read. I could've sworn I saw a cobweb on one of those the other day (that also speaks volumes about my cleaning skills doesn't it?).

Can I see what you're reading?...Come on now...Don't be rude, dear.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Poop Post

As previously promised, I will now recount a poop story or two for you (ha ha, I'm a budding Dr. Seuss). * Warning * Graphic poop mention ahead, do not proceed if you are queasy about this sort of stuff.

Midnight Madness:
Once upon a time, I was changing C-Man's diaper in the wee hours of the night. The lights were dimmed low so that he wouldn't wake up too much during the feeding/changing process. I always kept the room very dark and put the lights on just enough so that I could sort of see what I was doing and not trip over anything. Anyway, I had the little man on the changing table and I raised his legs up to wipe his butt when all of a sudden a forceful gust of wind came from his butt. Unfortunately for me, it was accompanied by fecal matter. Since I was half asleep at the moment, I didn't really seem to mind. I just wiped my hand and went about my business of changing his diaper. Once he was changed and back into his pj's I noticed that some of the bottles on the changing table had also gotten poop on them, so I grabbed a wipe and passed it over the one or two bottles that I could tell had poop on them. No big deal. Being a mom, makes you immune to that sort of stuff I guess. I went back to bed and forgot all about the poop explosion. Once the sun came up, I plopped C down on the changing table once again. As I was wiping and changing, I noticed that I had missed a couple of spots on the bottles. I wiped all the stuff down and then noticed that there were a couple of spots on the changing table that I had missed as well. I wiped those down as well. Once I was done changing the baby, I bent over to put the diaper in the diaper pail when lo and behold, something on the wall caught my eye. My line of sight slowly went up to discover that the poop had traveled past the changing table onto the wall. A distance of at least two feet! Wow, that's some major intestinal force if you ask me. R helped me clean up the poop spray, but now whenever I hear him fart (Christian, not Ren) during a diaper change, I pay attention.

You know those fast food places that have the play areas for kids? Well, a looong time ago, I was at one of those places and all the kids were playing in the ball pit. The children and the parents were all having a ball (ha ha, get it? Having a ball? In the ball pit? Ok, I'll stop.) until a little boy named Adam* (names have been changed to protect the guilty) came out of the ball pit with poop running down his leg. Evidently, poor little Adam had the Hershey squirts that day and his diaper wasn't able to contain it all. All the mothers recoiled in horror as Adam made his way out of the ball pit covered in poop. Ha ha! I'm glad I wasn't in the ball pit that day. I don't think I'll ever let C play in one of those things. Perhaps you might want to check the ball pits the next time your child wants to play in them...just a thought.

One time some friends of my mom's came down from Virginia for vacation. They were staying at a hotel with a pool and invited our family over to come and swim for the day. They had two daughters, so I had a lot of fun splashing around in the pool with them. Wouldn't you know it, just as I was starting to have fun, the urges starting hitting me. Being a young, naive child, I thought that I could hold it in. I was having way too much fun to be bothered with getting out of the pool, to go poop of all things. So I held it, and held it, and held it, or so I thought. All of a sudden my fun was interrupted when my mom called me over "what's that in your bathing suit?", she asked. As much as I tried to hide it from her, she noticed the plastered poop in my bathing suit and just about died of embarrassment. I seemed to be ok with it though because I don't really remember being traumatized by this event. In fact, I only remember it because my mom won't let me forget it "remember that time you pooped in the hotel pool...".

If you're still reading this, curiosity must have gotten the best of you, either that or you're a kindred spirit and really enjoy a good poop story. Those are all the poop stories I have for now. If I think of any more, I'll be sure to share (unfortunately for you). In case you're wondering why I posted this in the first place (yes, Claudia, please enlighten us), it's because I ran into these blog posts and what can I say? I got inspired. Stayed tuned, because the next installment will be Fart Stories, I've got a couple of those too and they're quite hilarious.

Do you have any poop stories to share?

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Name that tune

This is a fun quiz for those of you that are good with song lyrics. I'm not, as you can tell by my quiz results....and no, I didn't really watch MTV.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Pets R Us

The topic for this week's Photo Friday submission is Pets, so I will give you a peek into my own personal zoo. First off, we have my dearly departed Ramon the lovebird. Ramon got sick a week after C-Man was born. My husband took him to the vet and they put him to sleep (the bird, not my husband). Because I was in the throes of PPD, I was not told about these occurrences until three days later. Needless to say, I was NOT a happy camper. Rest in peace little buddy. I loved this little bird, he was so cute. He would sit on my shoulder and nibble on my earlobe. He used to make little kissy noises and he was also potty trained. Yes folks you read it here. I would put him over a piece of paper and tell him "do your poo-poo" and he would go on the paper. It was great because then I wouldn't be walking around with bird crap on my shoulder. A while after I had Ramon, I thought that perhaps he was lonely, so my friend Lisa gave me a yellow lovebird. She was not nice like Ramon (not tame), she would bite and draw blood, so we called her Meanie. Ramon and Meanie loved each other so (as lovebirds are wont to do) and they had a little baby named Rameanie (Ramon + Meanie = Rameanie, I know, not very creative). She was put up for adoption because she and her father were butting beaks. They just wouldn't get along. A couple of months later, Meanie had 3 more babies. Here is a picture of all four birdies snuggled up in their happy hut. It was one of those rare cold nights. Next we have Mr. Peewee. He was the first dog I ever got. It took 20 years of begging to finally convince my mom to get a dog. She picked him out because he was the cutest little chihuahua ever. A tiny little white thing with big ears. When I got married, I was ready to move out and take my little dog with me. My mom had other plans. She refused to let him go. So she stayed with him. Go figure. He is currently recovering from surgery (my mom had him fixed). Get well soon Peewee! Since I was now dogless, I had to get another doggie. Which brings us to Candy. Two months after we got married, I decided we needed to get a little black chihuahua. Candy is the sweetest little Chihuahua ever. She never bites or growls. She is very shy though and will hide when we have people over at the house. When she was a wee little puppy, we almost lost her to parvo. We had bought her from Wizard of Claws, but apparently these people were selling sick puppies. Candy was very sick and throwing up. Ren took her to the emergency vet and she was put on an IV. They told us that if he had not done that, she wouldn't have survived. She has been healthy ever since. A year after we got Candy, I felt that she was very lonely and needed a little friend to play with. So I took it upon myself to get Lucy, the Jack Russell Terrier. Poor Lucy is so sweet and playful, but unfortunately very mischievous. Her curiosity constantly gets her in trouble. She chewed up our couch, my husband's wallet, a pigeon, a baby duck,a bird, a baby possum and countless other things and animals. She is the subject of many of the fights I have with my husband. He vows to get rid of her and I vow to not let him. I love my doggie and would be very sad without her. Well folks, the pet parade ends here. What drama right?! Thank you for touring Claudia's Zoo, please come back soon!

Thursday, March 09, 2006


I took the day off from work yesterday to go to the dentist, have bloodwork done and go look at a couple of daycares. Yes, the dreaded D-word. My mom has been watching C-Man since I went back to work, but that will soon be over. I didn't want to send him off to daycare at the tender age of three months, so my mom graciously offered to watch him until the tender age of six months. Since he will be six months old on March 27th, I need to find a place pronto.

I know that I'm a procrastinator, but for once, I managed to start something early. In January I started looking at places, but I still have not decided. The main problem is that most places that are nice have waiting lists, the ones that don't are either crappy or too expensive. I lost count how many places I've looked at already (at least 10). I've narrowed it down to two:

Place A has a really wonderful caretaker, but it's not on my way to work, and it's majorly expensive ($780+ per month), and the lady is already watching four babies so they would have to hire another lady (but in the meantime she will be watching 5 kids and that's a no-no), but the lady is soooo nice.

Place B is somewhat on my way to work, affordable ($570/month), but I don't recall whether the lady was nice or not.

Both places will provide all food and formula at no extra cost.

I was leaning towards place A (cause the lady is sooo nice), but the more I think about it, I lean more towards place B. I have to go to place B one more time and check out the caretaker again to refresh my memory. I'll be making the decision sometime this week or next (did I mention that the lady was nice?).

Unfortunately no place will ever be 'good enough', but it's a necessary evil in this day and age.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Movin' on up

First and foremost, a hearty congratulations to my friends Amanda and Cristy on their new homes. They both bought new places and moved up to deeeeluxe apartments in the sky. Ok, maybe not, but they are very nice dwellings. We went to see Amanda's villa (sounds like a snobby person's house in the south of France) on Sunday and we went to see Cristy's new condo yesterday.

C-Man got to spend some time with his little friend Sophie yesterday (the date on the pic is wrong). Poor Sophie looks like she's getting whacked in the face. Little Man needs to learn how to stay in his own personal space. He's hogging up the whole play mat!

It's fun to look back at older pictures and see how big they've gotten!

Monday, March 06, 2006

Don't I know it...

cute but psycho
you are the cute but psycho happy bunny. You

adorable, but a little out there. It's

alright, you might not have it all, but there

are worse

which happy bunny are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

(h/t: margi)

Friday, March 03, 2006

In the closet

This week, I forgot to mention what the topic for Photo Friday was, but I doubt that anyone is playing along with me, so it doesn't really matter.

Today's topic for Photo Friday is Inside Your Closet.

My closet, scary as it may be, is pictured below. You can clearly see why it was dangerous for me to go in there last week to fetch my ugly shoes.

I have highlighted a couple of items so that you can make some sense of this mess.

What the picture doesn't show is that I have my clothes arranged by genre (if that word can even be used in respect to clothes...according to, I believe it can). On the left, from front to back, I have jackets, dresses and Halloween costumes. On the right, from front to back, I have shirts, pants and skirts.

The analness continues further because my shirts are arranged by color as well: blacks, grays, browns, greens, blues, reds, pinks, and whites. Wow, I just realized, I don't have any yellow shirts (note to self: buy yellow shirt).

Is it possible to be messy and anal at the same time?

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Hocus Pocus

Your past life diagnosis:
I don't know how you feel about it, but you were female in your last earthly incarnation.
You were born somewhere in the territory of modern North Canada around the year 375.
Your profession was that of a artist, magician or fortune teller.
Your brief psychological profile in your past life:
Bohemian personality, mysterious, highly gifted, capable to understand ancient books. With a magician's abilities, you could have been a servant of dark forces.
The lesson that your last past life brought to your present incarnation:
Your task is to learn determination and persistency. Youd should not allow to let misfortunes take influence on your strong will.
Do you remember now?

Oh yes, now I remember...whatever.

(h/t: Caltechgirl)

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Succint syrup scent

Yesterday IHOP was celebrating National Pancake Day. They were serving free shortstacks to anyone that showed up before 2pm. Damn it, I knew there was something I forgot to do yesterday. Oh well, there isn't an IHOP on my way to work anyway, so that would've been a little complicated.

On a separate but somewhat related note, I'm taking Fenugreek to increase milk production, but one of the known side effects is that it makes your sweat and urine smell like maple syrup. I was running to class today because I was kind of late, but in the humidity of Miami, my eau de maple started to become evident. Watch your back Ms. Butterworth, Claudia Jemima's in da house!