Friday, November 30, 2007


Sunday evening R, CMan and I went to Santa's Enchanted Forest. Chris seems to be obsessed with lights, so I figured that he would love the Christmas theme park with a jillion lights...and for once...I was right.

They had some real ponies that he wanted to ride... up until the point that I sat him on the pony that is. Whenever we got to a kiddie ride, I would ask him "do you want to go on that one?" , if he said no we would skip it, but if he didn't say anything we would ride it (he never says yes). Well, at one point we walked up to this ride where they strap you into this bungee ball thing and you go flying in the air between two poles. I asked Christian in a joking fashion, "do you want to go on that one?" and he goes "Nooo!" (hee hee).

He wasn't too fond of the carousel and was holding me by the neck the whole time. I had to go up and down when the horsey did, so my thighs got quite a work out on that ride (burn off that arepa girl!). Then we went on a little Santa train. He really liked that one since it had a little steering wheel and buttons for him to play with (although in the picture it looks like I'm enjoying it alot more than he is). He managed to rip the seat belt off of it's hook mid ride, so I had to hold on to him to make sure he didn't jump out. Finally, we got on the bee ride and I'm quite impressed that he didn't get scared. It's the fist time he's been on such a sophisticated ride (it's like the Dumbo ride at Disney), I thought for sure he'd freak out.

After the rides we just walked around and played carnival games. We played the one where you throw rings on to bottles and the one where you throw balls in to bowls, Chris was better at them than we were. The picture with Santa was a no-go once again, I didn't even bother actually. We just stood at a distance waving to him. A fun time was had by all. We got the season pass, so we're going to try and go again a couple more times before we leave to El Sal.


By the way, thanks for the tips on tree revival. I tried to cut another piece off the end with my mom's saw, but it was too difficult; I only managed to dent it all the way around. I will have to take it back to the place I bought it (Home Depot) and have them do it. I will try the hot water trick after that. On the other hand, I may just get a new tree altogether because it's already starting to brown at the bottom and I don't want it catching on fire. Yes, these things only seem to happen to me.

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Not-So-New Kid

Amanda likes to send me emails whose sole purpose is to make me feel old (thank you Manders). She just informed me that our favorite New Kid on the Block, Jonathan Knight, is turning 39 today. Go ahead...zap me back 20 years in time why don't cha.
Oh my. Thirty nine... that's awfully close to FORTY. He looks good except for the fact that he looks a little frail and wasted. Eat some burgers Jon, it'll help your face fill in a bit.

It appears that Andrew McCarthy is also having a birthday. He's even older! He's turning 45.

OK how sad is it that most of the guys I had/have a crush on are in their 40's?

I guess Amanda's right..."we’re no spring chickens either!".

What happened to you Andrew? You were so cute in that Mannequin movie.

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My tree needs an I.V.

Thanksgiving was spent at my brother in-law's house. Christian made friends with a giant boy (he was born the same month and year as Christian). My uncle was here from El Salvador, so he got to experience his first Thanksgiving. It was hard to have that wonderful, peaceful, thankful feeling because Cman was crabby, tantrumy (is that a word?) and tired.

This past Sunday we bought our Christmas tree, unfortunately we seem to have gotten a defective one. I put water in the holder three days ago and it still has the same amount of water. The tree is refusing to drink and the bottom is starting to get brown. I can't figure out how to get it to absorb the water. At this pace, it will be all brown before Christmas.

It's also a bit misshapen. It's really full and lush and beautiful at the bottom, but the top is kind of wimpy.

Judge for yourselves:

I haven't put any lights or ornaments on because I want to solve the water problem first. All my other Christmas trees have been well behaved; I don't know why this one is acting up. It was trimmed at the bottom when we bought it, so who knows what the problem is.

I also got a nice wreath at a yard sale. It's big and beautiful and it only cost me 2 bucks. That's what I'm talking about man! I guess the two dollar wreath balances out with the $140 I spent at Pottery Barn Kids yesterday right? right? Yes, I thought so too.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Scary Santa

Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Cla....Wait Christian!...Come back!...It's OK baby, it's just Santa...

Yeah, this year's Santa picture didn't go very well (not that last year's was any good either). At least last year though, I was able to get him to sit on Santa's lap. This year, I had a monkey-boy that attached himself to me and wouldn't let go.
I can't say I blame him though...that Coca Cola Publix Santa was kind of scary looking. It's a good thing the picture was free. I'm glad I didn't go through the hassle of dressing him up and taking him to the Falls like I did last year.

Click here for some more hilarious Scary Santa pictures.

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Monday, November 26, 2007

8 secrets/things I haven't blogged about

I was tagged by Elizasmom a little while back, so it's meme time. I guess mine will be more of a eight things I haven't blogged about theme because obviously if I wrote about my secrets...well, then they wouldn't be secrets. This also means I can squish in a bunch of unrelated things that I've been meaning to blog about (but have been too busy to do so) all in one post. Ha ha I'm tricky like that!

OK, so here we go in a completely random order:

1. This year, when we go to El Salvador for the holidays, I will be flying over there with Christian, all by myself. My mom will be heading over on the 24th, and I will be leaving on the 27th (Ren has to stay and work). This terrorizes me to no end. I am fearful about how I am going to handle luggage, stroller, carryons, tickets, security checks, and toddler all at once. I decided to get one of those little child harnesses so that CMan could walk around if he got sick of the stroller. R was totally against it, but unless you've seen the video of the break dancer that kicks a toddler 5 feet in the air, you cannot fully appreciate the need to have your children next to you at all times (especially in crowded places). The speed at which these children can break away from your hand and run off is quite scary. Anyway, so I got one of those cute little monkey backpacks hoping that he would like it and be excited to wear a backpack. No such luck. I can't even get him to put one arm through it, much less buckle the thing up. I have about 31 days left to convince him, so we'll see how this goes. This past weekend, we saw 3 little boys with the monkey back packs on. I made sure to point out all three of them to Cman.

2. We went to Andrew and Rebeka's pirate party at the Children's museum a couple of weeks back. Cman had a great time playing with his friends on the playground, sitting on a bike, dancing with a hula hoop and exploring the museum. Happy Collective Birthday to the Mejia family (they are all in November)! Oh, and I actually got him to wear the pirate hat on more than one occasion!

3. We went to the harvest two weeks ago and I bought myself a cute quilt with a gingerbread man on it and some yummy dip mixes. We went to the historical village and hung out with some Pirates from the Florida Keys (Pop quiz: do you recognize any of those people from somewhere else?). Cman loved the cannon and I had quite a hard time pulling him away from it when it was time to leave.

4. Later that day we went to Gianna's (CMan's niece) first birthday party. Chris had a great time playing with the "boons". They had a cotton candy machine and face painting, but he didn't want anything to do with either of those activities.

5. I don't believe I've showed you the pictures from his last photo session (and his Halloween costume), so let me share now for a bit:

6. Mr. Cman surprised me in the car the other day. He and I usually count things together so that he can learn his numbers. He's never really counted by himself (he always wants me to do it and he repeats), so the other day we were driving around and he started talking in the backseat saying "one"...."one"...."one"...he kept saying it over because he wanted me to repeat, so I said "one" then he said "two" and I said "two" and we kept going like that until he got to number 10. I was quite impressed thinking wow...he can count to to me! Then I hear this from the back seat... "eleden"...and I go "eleven"....and he kept counting until 15. That daycare lady sure is teaching him alot because he and I usually don't count more than 10 things. I decided to say "sixteen" to see if he could go further and he did...all the way to 19. I had to say 20 for him; perhaps that's as high as they've taught him. He also knows all of his letters now. He can point to a letter and tell you what letter it is and/or you can ask him for a certain letter and he will give it to you. He also knows what sound most of the letters make.

7. I found this little tidbit online the other day. This was a pep-rally at my high school. Unfortunately it happened 2 or 3 years after I had already graduated. Needless to say I would've loved to have seen this in person:

8. The holiday shopping has begun! Amanda and I went shopping on black Friday and spent way too much money. I got some presents for Chris (aka the most spoiled boy in the universe...aka TMSBIU) and about 60 DVD's (yes, that is not a typo) for about $3.81 each. I've got quite a collection going...pretty soon, I'll have to start renting them out to people.

It appears that I have run out of numbers and I still have more to share, so I'm off to write my next post!

*UPDATED* OY! I forgot to tag someone! Here you go Amanda, I know you had some stuff you needed to blog about. Ha ha.

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Monday, November 19, 2007

You know Dasher and Dancer and Master and Visa...

Ah yes, the holiday shopping has begun. What fun!

I'm not being sarcastic by the way. I love going Christmas shopping and Black Friday is my favorite day to do so. I guess I just enjoy the thrill of the chase and beating someone up for a good deal. I guess that also explains why I like yard sales and Ebay as well. I love their new advertising slogan..."shop victoriously". In my case it's more like "snipe victoriously". Yes, I'm one of those nasty snipers that will come when there are 2 seconds left in your auction and take your precious goods from you right under your nose. It's fun when I win that way, but it also sucks big time when I don't win, or when someone does it to me, but hey, that's part of the game right? You win some, you lose some.

Well, this weekend, I was on a losing streak. I was about ready to pull my hair out. First off, I was on Ebay, stalking this cute Pottery Barn Kids full/queen quilt with snowmen on it (or how Cman would say..."Sho-men"). Due to the way they had listed it, it hadn't gotten many bids and was only about $40 (normally these go for over $100). I was all ready and poised to snipe it away, but unfortunately, I miscounted the time and ended up pressing the button about 1 second too late. The auction ended at $41 dollars. F*ck!

On Saturday, I was on my way to the Harvest when I spotted a lovely yard sale on the opposite side of the road. Normally, I don't stop if it's on the opposite said (yeah, ok, who are we kidding here), but they had a cute little tikes house sitting on the grass and I wanted to see how much they wanted for it. Mind you, I've been searching for weeks now for that elusive playhouse in the stores, but no one seems to have it in stock and I don't want to shell out an extra hundred or so in shipping fees (bringing the total cost of said house to about $400...I don't think so). So I made a lovely U-turn and pulled into the yard sale.

I was with CMan, so parking and getting the stroller and child out takes a bit of time. They had a Christmas tree tent there too, so we went inside to look at the trees for a bit. I looked at all the junk they were selling for a little while and finally made my way over to the house. There was a lady there inquiring about it, so I went over to ask what the price of it was to establish interest. The guy goes "we just sold it to this lady" I said "how much were you asking for it?"....he goes "10 bucks". People...I just about died. (10 bucks versus $279.99 plus tax...cry with me for a second please).

Shopping Tip: If you see something in a yard sale (or on Black Friday for that matter)....RUN, do not walk, towards said item, jump on it and claim it as yours, even if it requires trampling people and small animals.

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Monday, November 12, 2007

A mouthful

I haven't done one of these in a while, but the way that Christian is talking these days is just too cute to not write down.

Here are some of his most used words:

Jeh-hee = Lucy

Jenny = he asks for her ALL the time now. She was here for 2 weeks and slept over our house a couple of times, so Cman adopted her as part of our family and is now wondering where the heck she went.

Shuht = shirt (it sounds like he's got a British cute)

Duhty = dirty (same British accent)

Punkin = pumpkin

trickytree = trick or treat

vevita = Abuelita (grandma)

Enano = Renato (I find this one to be hilarious because Enano means dwarf in spanish)

Cawda = Claudia

Icky = Ricky

Bebo = Abuelo (grandpa)

fuck = socks (this one's fun to interpret when we're out in public)

frock = frog

Cee-wee-oh = cereal/cheerios

Pee me = give me


I want

I can't

I done

I got it



wayning = raining

bwoke = broke

dubwoo = "W"

woking = working (he likes to point out lightbulbs that are broken...once R changes them he gets happy and points out to us that they are "woking"...he does this for days after the lightbulb has been fixed)

burhday = birthday (at Andrew and Beka's pirate birthday party, he got a tattoo on his face, so whenever he says this word, he points to his cheek).

pahty = party

mook = milk

moco = booger

peesh = please

pay = play

jingobeh jingobeh, jingo jeh jeh jeh = jingle bell jingle bell, jingle all the way


bum = bunny

emmo = elmo

veva = abuela = grandma

chen-cheh = Christian

uva = grape

caw = car

top = stop

wipped it = ripped it (he ripped the wall paper by his changing table and always points to it and says this whenever I change his diaper).

boon = balloon

areeda = arriba = up (as in the helium balloon going up) (edited 11-19-07)

sho-men = snowman

That's it for now...there's so many words these days that it's hard to keep up!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Beware the stare of Mary Shaw

This year's haunted house was in my opinion, less scary and more funny. This was mostly because our guide this year (my friend Claude) was truly hilarious in his ad libbing during the tour. Many times, the actors in the haunted house found themselves trying to stop from giggling as they heard his comments or accents while he led the group of trick or treaters through the house.

The theme of my haunted house this year was based on the movie Dead Silence. Unfortunately, not alot of people saw that movie, but they loved the haunted house anyway. The summary of the movie is here and the synopsis (with spoilers) is here. Do read them if you haven't seen the movie.

Ok, now on to the house:

Outside, I had a nice little Ravens Fair graveyard set up with tombstones for some of the dummies and of course there was one for Mary Shaw as well. We also had a bulletin board announcing the ventriloquist show that would be playing for "one night only". After waiting in line (yes, we had a line of people outside) you would be escorted inside by our usher Claude. He usually had a Russian accent, but this varied as the night wore on. Claude would escort you to your seats and then the curtain would open and the show would begin. Mary Shaw (Meg) came out with Billy and did a lovely ventriloquist show until a loud-mouthed boy (Jason) named Michael from the audience called her a fraud and told her that her lips were moving. At this point Mary lost it, grabbed Michael by the neck and dragged him inside the door. Since Michael was dressed in regular trick-or-treating attire, the audience often thought that he was one of them and would be visibly distraught (precisely the effect I was aiming for).

Once inside, Michael was dragged into a room and was never seen again. At this point, Claude took over and offered to take the guests on a "one time only free back stage tour...since it's the only way out". The first area was Mary Shaw's workstation where you could see her drawings and doll parts strewn about. Her dressing room was next. Here she kept her jewels and knick-knacks and a picture of her precious Billy. As the guests were looking at this scene, a clock ticking noise would die down and there was nothing but dead silence. After a few seconds the apparition of a dead Mary Shaw (me) would appear in the mirror and the tour would move on with many a "that was cool" comments.

As the guests walked through the maze they would encounter one of Mary Shaw's life size dolls (Melanie) and freak out completely. Many were scared to even walk past her. Once they managed that fearful task, they came upon the couple that had had their tongues ripped out (Lisa and Damian) by Mary Shaw. Once in a while Damian had a fake tongue in his mouth and he would spit it out. After the mute couple, they guests would pass by the gallery of dummies. These pictures were unsettling, not only because they looked creepy, but because their eyes followed you as you walked past them.

Claude would then turn the guests attention towards the wall of dolls. This is where Mary Shaw kept her collection of dolls. Once in a while you would swear that you saw one of them move...perhaps it was just your imagination (or perhaps it was my brother Ricardo standing behind the wall controlling the dolls). Just when the patrons thought the dolls were harmless a loud thump from behind the wall would startle them. "The dolls are angry!" Claude would say as he urged the group to move forward.

As the guests rounded the corner, they encountered a dead body on the stairs. He was wearing the same thing as that loud-mouthed boy named Michael...coincidence? I think not. Last but not least, the guests were escorted into the dining room where they found Ella Ashen having dinner with her husband Edward Ashen who was in his wheelchair. It appears the poor chap was hollowed out and turned into a ventriloquist dummy. Ella would ask the guests whether they wanted to stay for dinner and commented on what lovely parts they had. As the guests lingered in this room checking out the corpse in the wheelchair, Ren (dressed like a dummy) would stand up from the couch, surprise them and spray them with cold air....that usually got them moving.

Finally, after this the people would exit through the sliding glass door into the back patio and collect their treats. I loved following close behind them to hear all the comments about the house. I'm happy to report that the house was a hit. Everyone loved it and poured on the compliments. The best part of course was that even with this monster lurking near by it did not rain one bit during our hours of operation.

I apologize for the lack of pictures (thanks for taking pictures Amanda!). Some of these pictures were taken on Nov 1st since I was too busy to take them during the actual haunted house.


Friday, November 02, 2007

Carnival of Carnage Review

Oct 24th, I hopped in a car with Jenny, Amber (her niece) and Ricky (Amber's bf) and drove four hours North to Orlando. Our friends Claude, Meg, and Laurie met up with us over there. Once again it was time for Halloween Horror Nights (HHN). Unfortunately the little camera that could...couldn't anymore, so I had to take my old camera hence the sucky pictures.

Crappy camera + they don't really let you photograph inside the houses + there were no scare zones = I didn't take more than 5 pictures that night. Jenny and I were discussing what haunted houses we liked better than others (Dead Silence, Friday the 13th, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Psychoscareapy) a couple of days later and we decided that we needed to make a little video on youtube of us sitting at a table drinking coffee and discussing the pros (lots of houses) and cons (no scare zones!!!) of the event and then we decided that we needed to be in a focus group for Universal so we could tell them what we thought about their event (because we really did sit and discuss details and such) and then we decided we needed to get a life.

The haunted houses were great (except there weren't enough people to scare you inside of them) and the Bill and Ted's show was fun (especially the SAW and Michael Myers bits), but the fact that there was only one quasi-scare zone really sucked. I look forward to getting the crap scared out of me on the streets of Universal because unfortunately, I've become somewhat immune to the haunted house scares, so not having that made the event feel somewhat incomplete. Oh well, at least I still had the backstage tour to look forward to.

The following day, we headed to Universal again for our behind the screams tour of HHN. We were in the far left lane of the parking entrance, and unfortunately the preferred parking entrance was on the far right (can we say BIGGER SIGN people? especially since the day before the prefered parking entrance was on the LEFT), so of course I missed it. We had to go up and down the parking garage and out all over again and wasted 10 minutes. Because of this we got to the tour late and some guy named Philip was quite mean to us. He treated us like children that had misbehaved "you're two minutes away from not going on the tour"...yeah OK dad. Last year we arrived to the tour on time and they had us waiting for a couple of minutes, so we assumed that the same relaxed attitude was in play here. Wrong. Philip the drill sergeant was going to make sure we were put in our place.

Thankfully we had David as our tour guide again (we requested him from last year since he was so nice...unlike Philip). When we finally broke free of Philip, Dave was just outside the door and was calmly telling the rest of the tour group about the history of HHN and was not on his way to the haunted house and was not angry because he was waiting for us to get there and we were not holding the group up (like Philip had led us to believe). David greeted us nicely "hey, it's nice to see you guys" and it almost seemed like he remembered us. I figured that was impossible since he must see thousands of people a year while leading tours. He must say that to all his guests. So the tour began on a crappy note, but nothing was going to kill my buzz because I love HHN.

Our first stop was the Dead Silence Haunted House (eeeeek! jumps up and down with excitement). The attention to detail was awesome and they had some pretty cool effects with mirrors and such. This is the only house that really startled me the previous night. I was taking furious mental notes to see what I could incorporate into my own haunted house. I was pleasantly surprised to see that many of the scenes that I had planned for my house were also in this one. Their wall of dolls left alot to be desired though.

After that we saw the wardrobe and makeup areas and then headed towards the next haunted house, Psychoscareapy: Home for the holidays. This is an old favorite of mine, so we really enjoyed getting a closer look at this one. The premise was that the asylum patients were on a field trip when their van crashed into a community of homes, letting loose all the wackos within it (including the one standing by the door in this picture). This was a pretty cool house because the whole time you really felt like you were in someone's house. The path would lead you in and out of different homes. It was very effective and I was able to get the perfect picture for my Christmas cards this year. The only bad thing about this house was the lack of asylum actors (I think it has to do with what night of the week we went though).

Side note: On our way to the haunted houses David our awesome tour guide asked me if I was having a haunted house again this year. Can you believe that people? He remembered my crazy ass a year later? That's pretty impressive.

Our next stop was a lovely home on Elm Street (oh look it's for sale!). Our favorite scene from that house was Johnny Depp's bedroom (not for the reasons you're thinking) because they had completely turned it on it's side and had you walk right through his bloody bed. Pretty neat effect. I never got a sense that I was in the boiler room though, and the Freddy masks were kind of cheesy. I mean, if you're going to use $5 Walgreens masks, then at least don't shine any lights onto your actors...keep them in the dark please so I can at least imagine that it's real for a split second. At the end of this haunted house Philip was bugging David on the phone that we had to hurry up, so we went over to a little museum they had set up for HHN freaks fans such as ourselves.

The museum had little stations set up for each house where you could see the wardrobe and floor plans of each house. My first love was architecture, so I wanted to pocket the floor plans, but unfortunately I wasn't wearing a trench coat, much for that. Oh and Philip was there once again ranting to poor David about how he thought we would be done by now (you know, since it was 1:01 and the tour was slated to end at 1:00pm and all). Put a sock in it really put a damper on our tour experience (can you tell I didn't like Philip too much at this point?).

After the tour we headed over to the Twister Ride, the Mummy ride (awesome) and to the Jaws ride. We all had a good laugh later when we were comparing pictures because Meg and I had more pictures of the tour guide than of the shark. After this we went on a couple more rides and then it was time to leave. I wanted to hide in the bushes and stay for another night of HHN, but I don't think everyone was on board with that plan (there's roaches in the bushes). We hung around for as long as possible, but the security guards had their little kick-everyone-out-parade and that was the end of that (Noooo, but it's only 6pm!).

After Universal Studios, we headed over to City Walk to grab some dinner. While we waited for our table at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., we heard that Thriller was playing on the loud speakers outside so of course Jenny, Meg and I did what anybody in that position would do and broke into a choreographed Thriller dance in the middle of City Walk (oh, you mean you wouldn't do that?). The song played three times in a row until they finally noticed that there were lunatics dancing in the street decided to change the CD for some reason.

Once inside Bubba Gump, we got a lovely table with a view of the whole restaurant. I quickly picked out my favorite waiter to stalk admire and shared him with the rest of the ladies at my table (aka Mr. hot-shrimp-waiter-man from hereon in), but unfortunately he was not our waiter. Jenny and I never have the same taste in men, but she grew fonder of him as the evening passed and repeatedly got busted staring at him. This situation led me to share a humorous story with my tablemates (which I will also now share with you) about the time that I was 15 and my friends and I went to Bennigans to celebrate my friend Ayleen's birthday. We had a cute waiter named Dan and the whole evening I kept talking about Dan and how cute he was and how I wanted him for dessert (you know stupid 15 year old stuff). When Dan actually came to ask us what we wanted for dessert Cristy's mom pointed at me and blurted out "well she wants YOU for dessert". I have never wanted to be swallowed by the earth as much as I did that day. Fast forward 17 years and there we were sitting at Bubba Gump and I knew I shouldn't have shared that story because I had paid too much attention to our waiter that evening. I had a feeling that would bite me in the ass later.

At this particular restaurant, they have signs on each table that you're supposed to flip when you need the waiter to come. This is pretty cool because ANY waiter that passes by has to come and help you regardless of whether he is your waiter or not. You can see where this is going right? Well, someone had immense luck and good timing and flipped the sign at a moment when NO other waiter was in sight and Mr. hot-shrimp-waiter-man was walking by. He stopped at our table and everyone pointed to me saying that it was my birthday and that they should sing happy birthday to me. I denied the birthday accusations and refused the proposed serenade. But alas, my tablemates were not satisfied because they noticed that they had not embarrassed me, so of course they threw this little gem in at the end of the conversation "...oh and she wants YOU for dessert". It's amazing what 17 years will do to you. I wasn't embarrassed at all this time and found the whole thing to be hilarious as did Mr. hot-shrimp-waiter-man.

After our lovely dinner. Claude Meg and Laurie headed back to the hotel because they were driving home that night. Jenny, Amber, Ricky and myself went to the movies at CityWalk and we watched the Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D. I think that was the perfect end to a wonderful Halloweenyfied weekend! Sigh. Goodbye Universal...see you next year (maybe)!

ps. I didn't forget to get gas before leaving this time.

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Happy Extra-Belated Birthday to me

Well, it appears that my little hissy fit paid off. Hurricane Noel went away and didn't hit us. Although it rained all day for a week before Halloween. It did not rain a drop on Halloween night from 7 to 9 (the hours that my haunted house was open). Is that cool or what?

I've got lots of pictures to share and lots of stories to tell because I've been a slacker (actually I've been super busy with the insane production of my haunted house), so I need to rewind a bit before I tell that story.

First off, my 32nd birthday was on Oct 20 and we had a lovely girls night IN party at my house. My gal pals and I (and R who was babysitting us) had a great time drinking, dressing up and playing party games. I don't remember which game we played first because it's all a little fuzzy now, but we played dress up hot potato, knock the bottle over with a racquetball in pantyhose, win lose or draw and the open the box with the socks game. If you would like specific instructions on how to play either of these games, do contact me. We topped the evening off with more drinks and some birthday cake. Yay! I had a great time and I think I'm going to plan another one of those nights again for the near future. Let's see what games I can come up with for next time.

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