Tuesday, February 27, 2007

And the winner is...

...not Christian.

Ha ha...had you going there for a second huh? You can go here to see all the babies that did win though. I think I'll stick to online baby contests from now on. Those don't require that I get out of my pajamas, shower and go to a mall for 3 hours.

Between Tertia's fart stories and Meredith's What What video, the past 24 hours have had me laughing to the point of tears. This was great timing because it allowed me to get over the despair of not having the most photogenic baby in Miami (shocking isn't it?...yes, I thought so too).

Fortunately raffles also put me in a good mood and I am ready to announce the winner of the Target gift card. Through an arduous scientific process that consisted of listing all the entries (one per vote, not one per donation) in an Excel spreadsheet and then finding a random number generator on the Internet, I was able to generate a lucky winner....which I will tell you about after the commercial break.

Just kidding, someone's been watching too much American Idol. Drum roll please....

AND now, without further ado, the winner of the My Fuzzy Peeps Rule Raffle is none other than...Lilli!!!!! Yay!!!! Cheers!!!! Applause!!!!! Woohoo!!!

Hmmm...that was kind of fun...we should do those more often. If anyone wants to donate a prize for the next one let me know!

Wow, I've been posting so much these days. I'm impressed! I know, I haven't forgotten that I still have to tell you about my anniversary dinner and the girls night out...so many stories, so little time!

What what the hell?

Here's a little gem I found on Daily Kvetch. Am I the only one that thinks this is hilarious? or should I put this in the things I'm the last to find out about file?

Thanks Mer!

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Monday, February 26, 2007

Girls' Night Out

Stay tuned for more photos.
Trust me, they only get better....or worse (depending on your viewpoint).

Sunday, February 25, 2007

The suspense is killing me!!!...well, no, not really

Today was the awards ceremony for the winners of the contest, but I was so so so tired (girls night out remember? more on that as soon as I get all the pictures), that there was no way we were going to drive to Sawgrass again today. I still don't know who won and the last time I checked, the website had not been updated yet. I sent them an email to request the list of winners, so we will have to wait and see.

Either way, regardless of the outcome, thank you for participating and chipping in. Here was the grand total donated to Miami Children's Hospital on Christian's behalf:
Because we raised over $100, I was able to get a CD of all the pictures that were taken at the session last month. I put a little flickr badge on the side there so you can see what he looked like posing and doing all of his tricks in front of the camera and about 100 people, something I swear he's never done before.

For some reason the pictures I've been taking lately have been coming out blurred or out of focus, so please excuse the quality of these pictures. I'm not sure if its some button that I pushed by mistake or what, but I'll have to figure it out. Here are some pictures that I took of the set up at the mall. He had a good spot for both categories, but damn, who knew there were so many cute babies?
As far as the "my fuzzy peeps rule raffle"goes, the prize is going to be a Target gift card because really, who wouldn't like a Target gift card?

I'll do the drawing sometime this week and post the winner.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Let the voting begin

The voting for Miami's Most Photogenic Baby starts today at Sawgrass Mills Mall!

The pictures will be posted for voting today and tomorrow. If you have a chance, please go to Sawgrass Mills Mall and vote for Christian. If you cannot go due to fatigue, lack of gas, lack of transportation, or just because you don't live in Florida (poor excuse if you ask me...ha ha), please consider donating to our cause through the link on the right.

A huge thanks to all of you that have donated already. I'm thinking a fun raffle is in order as a "thank you" for participating. Perhaps I can find something to raffle off (1 entry per vote) on Sunday (some belly button lint...a couple of clipped nails...jk). I'll see what I come up with and let you know.

Either way, I will be going to Sawgrass on Saturday afternoon, so if you're going to donate something through the link on the right, please do so before 12pm (eastern time) tomorrow. Any donations received after that time will still be donated to Miami Children's Hospital Foundation, but will unfortunately not count towards Christian's votes.

If you're completely lost and have no idea what I'm talking about, please check out my original post about this.

Thanks guys and cross your fingers please because there are ALOT of cute babies in Miami!


UPDATE: Because you guys are the bomb and already donated $100 dollars, I had to start a new campaign. The link to the right has been updated. If you had problems contributing before, please try again.


Thursday, February 22, 2007

Happy 5th Anniversary Ren!

Today is our 5th year wedding anniversary and R is taking me out to dinner tonight. For some reason I think it involves seafood. Let me explain: Ren likes to give me surprises and take me out to eat without telling me where we're going and I of course, love to try and figure out where we're going before hand. Because of this, the week leading up to the dinner is generally filled with fun mind games and alot of guessing.

Take Tuesday nights exchange for example:

C: So Ren, where are we going on Thursday?
R: What's on Thursday?
C: Ha ha very funny.
R: It's a surprise
C: Aw come on..tell me.
R: Ok fine, we're going to Long John Silver's (and no that wasn't a sex joke you perverts).
C: Come on Ren...I really need to know so that I can know how to dress or what to wear.
R: I think you can wear jeans to Long John Silver's
C: Oh really? So what are we going to do with Christian that night then?
R: Fortunately kids eat free on Thursdays, so he can come with us too.
C: Great.

Yes folks, this is the type of clown I'm dealing with here. I'm very competitive though, so I have to always prove that I'm the bigger clown and take it to the next level. I present you with last nights events:

C: So where are we going tomorrow night?
R: Long John Silver's
C: Well, if we really are going there then we both need to wear pirate eye patches.
R: Oh really. (not so funny anymore huh mister?)
C: Yes. Heck, even if we don't go there, now I want us to wear pirate eye patches. I'll pick two up for us on the way home tomorrow. But you have to wear it Ren. Oh! and we can wear hillbilly teeth too!
R: Can't wait.

At that moment, my mom called us to tell us she needs more milk and cereal for Christian. I took the opportunity and asked her to please go to Party City the following day and get some eye patches for us (because I would be at work and wouldn't have time to do so). She of course...refused to do so. Party pooper.

Ren left to the supermarket to buy some cereal and powdered milk for Chris and left me plotting my pirate revenge. I thought I had gained the upper hand by suggesting we wear eye patches...that is...until he came back from the supermarket with this lovely anniversary gift.

Not to be outdone, I grabbed the package and quickly ran upstairs to "try it on". I came back downstairs mumbling "ARRRRGH", but because I was bouncing down the stairs, wearing fake teeth, had a knife in my mouth and was trying not to laugh, it sounded more like I was throwing up. I looked great, but Ren didn't even crack a smile. I don't know how he does it, but he can always keep a straight face in the presence of sheer comedic genius (uh..that would be me).

After all the pirate fun and games were over, he went upstairs to check his mail and I stayed downstairs watching American Idol (wasn't that last girl awesome?). After the show was over I decided to go upstairs and go to bed. I was walking towards the bedroom when Ren came out of the office and approached me with several printouts in his hand:

R: Here are the menus from Long John Silver, so you can think about what you'd like to eat tonight.
C: Oh how nice of you.
R: Yes, I know. The Treasure Chest Family Meal looks like a good choice since Chris will be joining us, don't you think?
C: silence
R: Oh and I took the liberty of finding out what our pirate names are so we can call each other that all night long at the restaurant. My name is Jellyfish Johnny the Shifty and yours is Whisky Wendy the Hermit.
C: Thanks Jellyfish Johnny.

It appears that he's one-upped me again. Ah, but it isn't over until tonight! I don't know about you, but I'm actuallly craving Long John Silver's now.

AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I was just about to press publish on this post, but was interrupted because I had a delivery in the front office that I had to go receive. Check out what Ren just sent me (yes, I have my camera with me at all times).

It's a flower basket made out of fruit! It has melons and pineapple and grapes and chocolate covered strawberries. Yummy!

I love you Ren Jellyfish Johnny the Shifty. You're the best husband in the world (but we're still wearing eye patches tonight). Happy 5th Anniversary Sweetie!

Give 'em the finger

I want to give you an update on the finger status.

We were at the hand place for 5 hours (3 in the waiting room, 2 inside) on Tuesday. Chris got his bandages removed (didn't cry) and the doctor said it's healing well. The finger looks better, but still a little Frankenstein-ish which is to be expected. He only cried a little when the doctor was cutting some little strings (stitches) off that hadn't totally dissolved. He was such a brave boy and I'm very proud of him. The doc said to put some ointment on the finger and cover it with just a band aid. I felt that wasn't enough covering since the finger still looks a bit fragile if you will, so he covered it with just a bit of the stretchy bandage that he had last time.

My poor baby was exhausted (as were my mother and I) from having been there for 5 hours, so I figured he would fall asleep in the car on the way home. Nothing doing. When we pulled up to the driveway of our house at around 9 pm, he was wide awake and missing a finger bandage. The sneaky little bandit had removed the covering completely and was playing with his finger. Cringe!

Before bed I put more bandages on his finger and when he woke up the next morning it was gone again. The whole day yesterday was spent repeating the same procedure. R tried different types of wraps and materials and combinations thereof only to find that Chris had once again removed the coverings. When I got home from work last night he was running around as happy as a lark...sans bandages. I guess R finally gave up.

He doesn't seem bothered by it (even though it still looks painful) one bit, evidenced by the fact that he's running around all over the place, business as usual. He's dragging it on the floor, throwing balls, playing the piano and showing me that he can still do his tricks.

See Mom? All better!
Yes sweetie...I see. Now stop flipping me the bird.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Prime Time

Is this another case of me being the last one to find out about something again?

When I was in El Salvador earlier this month I went to the movies with my cousin. Since I don't get to go to the movies here that often, I went to the movies 2 out of the 5 days that I was there. When I first saw this trailer I thought it was some kind of alien/war of the worlds type movie, but then, when I saw a semi truck transforming into a robot, I immediately knew what we were dealing with. My cousin and I both gasped "TRANSFORMERS!". He's only 17, so I don't know why he knows about them (I guess they're still around....yes, I live in a cave), but I nearly peed in my seat. I didn't even watch the cartoons or own any of the toys (my mom wouldn't buy me one..."those are for boys"), so I can't even imagine how all those 30 something guys must have felt when they saw the trailer. If you live in a cave like I do and still haven't seen the trailer, you can check it out here. The movie comes out on the 4th of July.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Big Ole Update Post

I stayed indoors for most of this weekend. It has been really cold here lately (a low of 43 degrees today!). I can just hear the northerners snickering at me now. Laugh all you want, but my wardrobe is not prepared for these sudden chills. I don't see me ever leaving this state; the cold and I are NOT friends. In fact, we egg each others houses on Halloween...that's how much we hate each other.

Speaking of friends, Cristy is planning a girls night out. I don't think we've ever really had one of these before. Well, not one with ALL of the girls (well, without the men being there too) and no, baby showers don't count. Hopefully we will be able to decide on a date pretty soon (this Saturday?); coordinating the schedules of 7 women is not an easy task. I don't know where we're going yet, but karaoke has been recommended as well as a bar/restaurant. Does anyone have any ideas? Either way, regardless of where we go, much fun will be had and many drinks will be imbibed (especially if you want me to sing). You can count on my camera being there too.

Tomorrow is Christian's follow up appointment with the hand doctor. He'll have the bandages removed and I guess we'll find out what happens next. Fortunately, he hasn't really paid any attention to his hand. He uses it more now (you can tell because the bandage is dirty now), so I changed the outer covering of it on Friday night. He's done with the antibiotics too, so let's see what happens. Since Friday he has been wanting to take it off, so it must be bothering him now. He wasn't trying to remove it before because his finger would hurt when he tugged at it. I'm thinking it doesn't hurt him too much anymore because he keeps wacking it into things and I cringe, but he doesn't even notice.

We also made an appointment for him to see the audiologist on Friday. For as long as I can remember he's been touching his right ear (and also just behind the ear too). We keep bringing it up to his pediatrician and she keeps checking his ears and saying they look fine and there's no infection. Well, it's time to start thinking outside the box lady and figure out what it could be because he does it more and more each day.

I've been meaning to post some updates on what the Cman is doing these days, but I keep putting it off and forgetting etc, so I figured I might as well do them all at once here. Go for a bathroom break...go grab some coffee.

As far as talking goes, he says a couple of things (agua, mama, papa, dada, ba). I only speak to him in Spanish and R only speaks to him in English, so perhaps he doesn't know quite what to say yet. For example he says "ball" to me...."ba" and I say "si pelota". I don't want to confuse him and have him think that he said it wrong, but I also don't want to switch languages back and forth on him either, so I'm really at a loss here and don't know what to do to keep from confusing him further. Did I confuse you there?

I did notice this weekend that he has been trying to immitate sounds more. When I scold him and say "no-no-no-no" he responds with his own "na-na-na-na". When he plays with his see'n say* toy he immitates the cow sound with his own version "mmmmmm". He tried to say "shshsh" when I was shushing the dogs. He also tried to say "ya!". I noticed he was making alot of noises and babbling alot more than usual, so perhaps a verbal explosion is just around the corner (as opposed to the other types of explosions that take place just around the corner).

In other toddler tricks, he is able to identify (point to when prompted) his hair, eyes, ears, mouth, tummy, shirt, shoes, hands, arm, dogs, cats, ducks, frog (ok once). He follows orders well: pick (item) up and put it (place) or puts toys away. He has an animal puzzle and can place the pieces in the right place but has trouble fitting them in the right position (at which point he screams and throws the puzzle piece and then throws the entire puzzle across the room....a bit of a temper eh?). He likes to "read" books by himself or he brings them to me when he wants me to read one. The reading lasts for a whole 3 pages when he quickly decides he wants another. He is also finally starting to like drawing. I say that because he used to throw or eat crayons before and wouldn't color with them even though I tried to show him how. Yesterday he actually picked a marker up and wanted to color with it. I let him experiment with the makers and he colored with them, but also tried to eat one. A small price to pay for a masterpiece if you ask me.

It's amazing how quickly they learn things and start to make connections in their brains. Yesterday we were playing with Candy and her little teddy bear. Cman would pick it up and we would tell him to throw it to the dog. Candy, being not too fond of the child, would generally ignore the toy and Cman's attempts to play with her. Seeing as how she wasn't playing with him, he quickly went to the kitchen (where all the dogs' toys are) and pulled out Lucy's favorite bone. He brought the bone back and threw it at Candy. Seeing as how the bone belongs to Lucy and probably weighs more than Candy, she didn't like it either. I just thought it was so cool to see that his little brain had made all those connections:
doggie doesn't want to play -> doggie doesn't like the toy ->perhaps she'll like another ->where are the other dog toys? -> in the kitchen -> let's go get one -> here is the toy that the other doggie likes alot -> perhaps this doggie will like it too ->let's throw it to her and see if she'll play now.
Call me a child-crazy mom, but I thought it was cute.

He also recently learned how to make an Indian noise by saying "aaaaaa" and tapping his mouth repeatedly with his open hand. I think we'll hold off on the bow and arrows for now.

Stay tuned for further developments...

*Since when is this toy called "See'n say" (or "The Farmer says")? For some reason I thought it was called "Speak and Say". Did I imagine that it was called "Speak and Say" at some point? or am I confusing it with the "Speak and Spell"? Either way, it's hard to Google something when you don't even know what it's called.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

That's a nice dress you're wearing...oh it's a photo album

I had been looking (for quite some time now) for a nice baptism/christening photo album to put all of Christian's pictures in, but for some reason, found the task to be quite impossible.

The stores only had scrapbook albums and solid color albums and baby albums, but nothing that really said "Baptism" or "Christening" or whatever.

I looked on eBay, but the albums I've found there:
-reminded me of a Prince CD
-had more gold and silver than my jewelry box
-looked like a baby should be wearing them
-or all of the above

I did a Google search and found lots of lovely items that were either too small, too expensive, or too far away (don't want to pay for overseas shipping and all that crap).

Finally I gave up, accepted defeat, and made one myself.

Although the album I made threatens to have more ribbon and eyelet than my communion dress, at least it doesn't have diamonds OR pearls.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Seeing Red

Why is everyone wearing red today?

Just kidding, I'm not that clueless (well, sometimes I am). I hope everyone is having a wonderful Valentine's Day. When I was single young I used to hate this holiday. I remember in grade school we would all buy make Valentine Cards and the teacher would make little mailboxes for each student. We would then get to distribute our Valentine's cards in each person's respective box. If memory serves me correctly, I think I always gave one to everybody (how PC of me) because I didn't want any hurt feelings. If I happened to have a crush on a particular boy (when didn't you have a crush on a particular boy Claudia?) he would get the biggest of the Valentines that came in the box. All the pretty girls and popular kids' mailboxes were generally overflowing with Valentine cards. Mine on the other hand...well, I always cringed when reaching into my mailbox for fear that I might only find one (from my best friend). Fortunately for my tender, young feelings, that was never the case; I always had at least five. Ha ha. And let's not get started on the middle school and high school Valentine years because there are many embarrassing stories to be had there.

Unrequited love be damned! These days, February 14th tends to be alot better for me. Not only does my husband (the best husband in the world by the way) get me flowers (tulips), but I also have a wonderful little boy who knows how to shop and likes to give me roses.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone and remember Chocolate calories don't count today!

Monday, February 12, 2007


I'm back with new and improved teeth, but instead of boring you with the details of my dental-marathon, I want to fill you in on the unfortunate surprise that awaited me when my plane landed.

As soon as the wheels of the plane touched down, I pulled my trusty cell phone out and proceeded to call my mom so she could pick me up from the airport.

Now, is it me? or is this the wrong way to start a conversation with someone when you are trying to avoid having them freak out?:


M: "Hello"
Me: "Hi mom, I'm here"
M: "Oh OK. Don't freak out, but we're in the Emergency Room with Christian, so you'll have to call your father to pick you up and call me later so I can tell you what happened, but he's fine, so don't worry".

Yeah, ok. Sure Bob. Like I'm going to hear that on the phone and just calmly hang up and call my dad without further investigating the matter. Obviously, I got it out of my mom right then and there. He caught his finger in a moveable part of the stroller, his finger nail came off and part of his finger was sliced. Yes, it was scary to hear and I was very upset, but hello, you start the sentence with "Christian cut his finger..." followed by "...so we took him to the ER". You don't start the sentence with "We're at the ER..." because that can (and will) conjure up all sorts of horrible thoughts. Anyway, as soon as it happened, my mom and Ren's dad (they were at Ren's parents house) rushed Chris to a medical center close to home, but at the urgent care center they said that the injury was too complex and needed to be seen in the main hospital. Ren was called at work because they needed his permission to take Chris in the ambulance to the main hospital. He showed up just as they were pulling out; my mom rode with Chris instead. The rest of the family met them at the hospital whereupon arrival they put his fingernail back on and gave him two stitches to put his little finger back together.

Once my dad had picked me up from the airport, we headed straight to the hospital. When I got there, I couldn't help but notice that we were that family (that I so often make fun of) that shows up at the emergency room with 7 people. Both grandfathers were there, plus grandma, plus an uncle, a cousin and both parents...and let's not forget the actual patient (he's the little one in the middle of the crowd of people). After making it through the layers of family members, I burst into the pediatric emergency room and found my little baby in Ren's arms. His eyes and nose were red from all the crying and his left hand was bandaged up like a boxing glove. Ren and Chris were standing in the hallway talking to someone else and their little boy. Coincidentally, it was Amanda's sister with her son Mikey. He was having stomach and back pains (I hope he's feeling better) and was also in the ER.

Everyone told me that Christian had behaved wonderfully and didn't even cry during the stitches (only for the anesthesia part). He just sat there calmly and watched what the doctor was doing with great interest..."hey, be careful with that stitching doc...it's my middle finger, so I'll be needing it when I learn to drive...remember, we live in Miami".

Shortly after I arrived at the ER, he was discharged and we went home. He slept well last night and this morning we went to the Hand Center for a follow up appointment. The doctor said the stitches look great, the bone isn't broken, the nail should grow back and the bandages will come off in a week.

In the meantime, the little man is getting used to only using his right hand (if he wasn't a righty before, he sure is now) and keeping the left hand out of harms way. He tried to take the bandages off a couple of times, but it probably hurts him when he pulls at it, so he's left it alone for now and doesn't even pay attention to it. He's doing everything he normally does, he's in a good mood and is playing, eating and sleeping well. It's amazing how resilient children are. I am, of course, relieved that it wasn't worse. I'm heartbroken because I have to watch him suffer with his little hand all bandaged up, but delighted to see that he's taking it in stride.


Monday, February 05, 2007

My next vacation involves a medieval torture device

If I told you that I watched any part of the Superbowl yesterday, I'd be lying. I spent the whole time entertaining my son in Brandon's playroom. I don't know what I was thinking when I said I would scrap or do anything else. Ha ha. It must have been parental amnesia or something of the sort (hello...remember...you have a toddler?). Either way, the todd-moms* had a good time watching their kids play together. We enjoyed saying "NO, don't touch that"...and "NO don't put that in your mouth"...a hundred times (and in Marilu's case..."Andrew, get down from there"). Baby Matthew was there and practically slept the whole time that we were there. He slept through the Superbowl ruckus of the shouting, jumping and screaming coming from the men and four-year-olds (mostly from the men though). Wow, what a good baby; where do I sign up for one of those?

Before going to our Superbowl destination we paid a visit to our friends Damian and Lisa who are in the process of unpacking in their new house (very nice!). I got to carry little Dylan and he likes to spit up alot, so I also got a refresher on what it's like to smell like formula again...ah..the memories. Chris was very jealous that I was carrying Dylan, so he tried to whack him several times. Fortunately, once Christian discovered the kitty, he forgot all about hitting the baby. This is the first time that we've really noticed Christian's jealousy. He also got mad when I took my mom to meet Matthew on Saturday. He did not like it one bit that his grandma was carrying another baby. I can already see that the arrival of a second child in our family is going to be a smoooooooth transition (not that there is a 2nd child on the way....yet...let's not get ahead of ourselves here).

This coming week promises to be very action-packed. No, I am not becoming a superhero in my spare time (although I would look smashing in a cape and tights). I will be going on a little trip. I have to have some dental work done and since I don't feel like spending 2 grand on my teeth (that's with dental insurance), I'll be going to El Salvador to get it done. Our family dentist over there does excellent work for a fraction of the price (including airfare). I'll be leaving Wednesday and I come back on Sunday. And no, Chris will not be joining me this time, so it's kind of like a mini-vacation (if by vacation you mean getting holes drilled in your teeth). I'm excited to be able to see my family again, especially so soon after having just been there. Yay for me!

Today is the first day of my walking program. This week is our baseline week where we write down how many steps we take in a day (without making an extra effort to walk more). Leave it to me to lose my pedometer on the first day. That gives me a real promising outlook don't you think?


*toddler moms: it sounds like a popular-cool-girls-high-school-clique doesn't it? "Oh the todd-moms always get the coolest toys for their kids". Ha ha...I'm a dork.

Friday, February 02, 2007


It was brought to my attention recently that Blogger was acting crazy yesterday and my blog was missing in action for sometime. I tried to reload and reload and I kept getting a little error message. Super. I just about had a conniption thinking that all my marvelous writing had gone down the drain. Unfortunately for you, my blog has returned in all it's stupendous glory. Yay!

This weekend promises to be an exciting one here. I for one, will be going to see my friend Amanda tomorrow to meet her little baby boy. I will also stop by my friend Lisa's to see her new house. Other than that, I plan on remaining holed up in my house. This is NOT the weekend to be prancing out and about. With the Superbowl being in our backyard, there will be hoards of traffic and inexperienced tourist drivers circulating about, so I'd better not risk it and stay home, but enough about the Superbowl.

So I know you're probably wondering how my resolutions are going since a whole month has passed and all. I know you are because I read the hundreds of comments that you leave and I can see and feel the worry and concern in your words. Actually, I kind of forgot what my resolutions were, so that should give you some sort of idea on how successful I have been at keeping them.

In all reality though, I have been trying to watch what I eat for the past 5 days, and I have been getting more exercise walking back and forth from the fridge to the TV, so it hasn't all been that bad. I enrolled in a walking/fitness program at work that encourages you to walk 10,000 steps a day, so for 12 weeks I will be walking around with a little pedometer on my waist. Each week you check in with how many steps you've walked and you get points for meeting your goals etc. They weigh you at the beginning though to keep you honest about your step counts. They want to see that your weight loss correlates with the amount of steps (you say) you've taken. My carpool buddy and I have been walking during lunch, so that should help boost the step count. We always see interesting things on our little lunchtime excursions. Today for example, we saw the team buses for "Da Bears" parked on the side of the street. They must have been on their way in or out the building because there were alot of cops standing around and the buses engines were running. Pretty cool.

Ok, seeing as how I brought up the Superbowl again, I might as well tell you that I don't really care who wins. I guess I'll root for the Bears since I've actually been to Chicago once (oh yeah, that's a good reason). I really just watch for the commercials though. In between commercials I will probably keep myself busy by doing some scrapping or playing with Matthew. Yes, you read right, we'll be at Amanda's house. Can you believe that? The woman just hatched a baby and she's hosting the Superbowl this weekend. Is that superwoman or what? Major props to the girl because I looked (and felt) like a train had hit me when I had Christian.

Choo-choooooo....splat. Have a nice weekend guys!