Friday, September 30, 2011

Religious conversations with shark boy.

Lately Christian has been very concerned with birth order, who was born first and who is older than who, etc.

Chris: Mom, was God born first?
Me: Yes
Chris: Who was born second?
Me: Adam
(long pause)
Chris: Lambert?
(I knew he would say that...)
Me: LOL, no babe. Adam and Eve.

The creation of Adam Lambert?

Chris: Does God have a mustache?
Me: I'm not sure; you'll have to wait until you get to Heaven to find out
Chris: Nooo, just look it up on the Internet!

In other, non religious news, Chris has his first loose tooth! He had been complaining of tooth pain so my mom checked out his teeth and noticed that he's got a tooth coming in behind his bottom left tooth! The baby tooth is a tiny bit loose. When I saw that he had a tooth coming out in the wrong spot, I immediately thought oh no, orthodontics here we come! My mom says that once the baby tooth falls out, the other one will move up. I don't know, it looks pretty far back to me. I hope so. My wallet hopes so too!

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Overheard at my house

Christian: Mommy look! This shampoo bottle says that it gives you extra body. That means I'll have two of you!

Christian: "Ouch! Mom, your legs feel like a sea urchin!"

Jordan: Christian! Put the DVD on for me!
Christian: What am I? Your lackey?

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Friday, September 09, 2011

Conversations with Christian

While leaving his first acting class:
Me: Chris, did you like your acting class?
Chris: No
Later in the car
Me: So tell me, what did you do in class?
Chris: We played games.
Me: Oh yeah? Did you have fun?
Chris: Yes
Me: OK, so you did like the class then?
Chris: Yes
Me: So why did you say you didn't like it when I first asked you?
Chris: Because I was acting!

Every day after school I ask Chris what he did in class that day, but I always get the same answer, "I played". By asking him, I'm hoping to find out what he learned in class, but he never tells and yet, I continue probing without success. Yesterday, seeing that I wasn't going to give up, Chris decided to spice things up a bit:
Me: So tell me Chris, what did you do in school today?
Chris: I rode a pony
Me: Oh really? You rode a pony huh? And where did the school get a pony?
Chris: From a farm
Me: Oh I see. And what was the pony's name?
Chris: "Pony"
I don't know if I should be proud or worried that he says these things with such a straight face. My mom said "he's a good liar...and now you've got him in acting classes so he can become a better liar?".

On death:
Me: I love my babies
Chris: Jordan and I will always be your babies?
Me: Yes, forever
Chris: Well, not when you're dead

He's also currently fixated on thinking that people die when they get to 100, so he often worries about the fact that he won't have a mom when I turn 100. Yesterday we had a very touching conversation:
Chris: I'll be sad when you get to 100 because I'll miss you (said with a very sad face)
Me: It's OK sweetie, by then, you'll be 70
Chris: but I'll be sad because I won't be able to see you ever again (eyes start watering)
Me (don't lose it Claudia): but you'll be OK. You'll have a wife and kids to comfort you. (change the subject!) How many kids do you want to have when you grow up?
Chris: 10
Me: Oh boy! Well, your 10 children will be there for you and I'll be there in spirit to watch over you.
Chris: Will you watch over Jordan too?
Me: Yes sweetie
He was so precious and looked so concerned and troubled by the thought of never seeing me again that it broke my heart and almost made me cry. Usually I think of Jordan as being the more sensitive one, but it looks like my big boy is a big ole softy too.

And for our last tidbit, another laugh.

Yesterday after he got out of the car, he was trying to put his book bag on but his arm got caught in the strap.
Chris: Mommmmmmy!
Me: Yes, sweetie I'll be right there
Chris: Heeeeelp!
Me: What happened? Your arm is stuck!
Chris: Aaaaaaach! Help! I'm stuck in this toaster oven!

Where does he come up with these things...I mean really. Four out of the five conversations from above happened within a 24 hour period!

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