Wednesday, August 27, 2008

11th day

My boobs are on fire, but other than that, I think things are going well here in JJ's first week of life. Well, except for the sleep deprivation, but that's a given.

CMan loves his little brother and takes every opportunity to remind me of that. "I love him", "I love Jordan"'s so cute. He also asks if he can carry him..ALL the time. Unfortunately it's always at the wrong time (when he's eating or sleeping...which is 95% of the time). I haven't noted any jealousy related angst towards the baby on his part. He's always gentle with him and concerned about why the baby is crying.

He has been acting out more lately though. I told R that it was probably to get attention. I guess he figures negative attention is better than no attention. At daycare he's been acting up and getting put on time out. At home he is doing wacky things, that I can't even explain. For instance, the other day he went to the bathroom, dropped trou and peed on the floor and on his toys...on purpose. Then he came upstairs and headbutted the table in the office...on purpose. Poor baby. I wish I could give him more of my time and attention, but the other child is just attached to me most of the time. R is off for two weeks, so he gives him all the attention that I am not able to at this time.

Which brings me to the breastfeeding (bf). With Cman, I made all sorts of mistakes that in the long run ended up sabotaging my bf efforts (bottles in the hospital, bottles at home, not pumping when engorged, etc etc). Fortunately this time I know better and I took all the necessary measures to not repeat my mistakes. What nobody told me is that this bf thing is hard. I like the convenience that it gives me in that I don't have to deal with bottles and all that crap, but I might as well surgically attach the Boppy to my midsection because this child wants to eat all the time! Good Lord! Oh and the pain....I saw a lactation consultant today for that. She said I'm doing everything right and even declined to charge me for the consult since it was so short. She just gave me a couple of tips to make sure his latch is correct and that was it. They still hurt though.

JJ's first pedi appointment was on Friday. He got a shot (poor baby) and the Dr drew blood to check his thyroid levels. He's regained his birth weight (plus 1 ounce) which is a fabulous sign that he's getting enough milk from me. Yay!

The C-section went smoothly and much better than the first one. The spinal block went in on the first try and boy was that nice. I asked the doc for a Brazilian wax (since that's the only way I would get one of those, while numb from the waist down), but for some reason he declined. I was able to get up fairly well on the following day. The nurse was impressed but I told her that the pelvic pains I was having before were worse than the incision pain. I saw my OB on Wed and the incision looks great. No complications. Yay!

That's all I have for now...gotta run, it's feeding time!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Little Wiggly makes his grand appearance

Jordan Julian

(aka Little Wiggly)

born 8/20/08
at 10:38 am
7 lbs 5 oz
19.5 inches

He looks alot like his big brother Christian.

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Friday, August 15, 2008

Just call me crafty

And now, for some Halloween stuff to cheer me up.

Hey! Check out the Halloween advent calendar I made! It's taken me about a year to make it, not because it was so difficult, but because I kept putting it off.

It's supposed to be a Pottery Barn knock-off because I didn't feel like paying $80 for theirs. This is what theirs looks like:

My cost? About 6 bucks.

While we're at it, look at these cute guys I got at Michael's. They keep me company at work.

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

McPregnancy Hormone Rant

Yesterday while I was driving home from work, I had a fleeting thought that perhaps R and I could go to the movies that evening (since our movie-going ability is going to be severely limited in 6 days), but then I remembered the response I usually get from him about going to the movies on a weeknight (or any night for that matter)....Drive all the way over there? (the movie theater is 5.27 miles away from our house) ....Let's watch a movie at home instead...I'm tired...I'm sleepy...I have a headache...I have homework.

I decided not to even bother bringing it up.

I get home and Mr. I'm tired is looking and feeling super chipper. Wow, where'd all that energy come from? Apparently, he was on his way out to Books and Books in Coral Gables (16.24 miles from our house....see, now THAT really IS far from our house...unlike the movie theater) because Danica Mcwhatshername from the Wonder Years is having a book signing for a pre-algebra math book she wrote for young girls.

Hmmm let's see:

Ren...not a girl
Claudia...not a young girl...doesn't need help with math
Christian...not a girl...too young for pre-algebra
Little Wiggly....not a girl...way too young for pre-algebra

How pathetic.

Not only does this irk me because she looks like an alien, but because he's willing to go the extra mile (11.17 of them to be exact) on a weeknight to go see some chick, but when I want to go to the movies it's a major mission. I guess there's no homework on Winnie Cooper nights. And God knows how much he paid for that book that neither of us can use (edited: $24.95 hardcover). He might as well have purchased a book on underwater basket weaving for 80 year old Canadian women...or better yet, Dancing with Cats...since you know, we have none.

I'd post the picture he took with her, but just looking at it pisses me off, so I'll link to it instead. He's got a smile the size of a house on it...where's that smile when he's taking family pictures? Yeah, I guess taking pictures with your wife, son and future baby is kind of a downer...compared to Danica McKellar.

Unfortunately, it appears that CMan is following in his dad's footsteps. At daycare he likes to snuggle with the pretty girl that watches him. He doesn't do that with me (or my mom, or Ren), if any of us even gets close to him he says "stop blowing me" which means, stop breathing on me. This past Sunday Chris wouldn't let me put away the Parade magazine because there was a lovely picture of three ladies on the cover. My son was mesmerized looking at the girls ("guh-wols")..."look at the guhwols mommy!". Last night I was looking at a parenting magazine. It had a milk mustache ad with another attractive "guhwol" (I don't know who it was) and he wouldn't let me turn the page. He just kept staring at it and saying "look at the guhwol mommy". I just hope he doesn't ask me to pin the picture up to his wall...he's a bit young for that. Besides, pin-up ladies and twinkle twinkle little star don't really go together.

Like father, like son, Sigh. Oh well, at least CMan has better taste.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

State of the uterus

38 weeks as of today!

Cervix as of 37 weeks: high, closed.

I had an ultrasound today and the babe looks good. Big cheeks, poor thing, he gets that from me. He was too squished in there to be able to get a decent shot. Heart looked/sounded good, no signs of arrhythmia.

I on the other hand am not doing well. It hurts to walk. It hurts to lay down. My pelvis feels like it's being ripped in two. Heartburn is pretty bad. Sleeping is uncomfortable.

C-section in 7 days. Yay!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


A couple of weeks ago, Ren had an idea that we should do a little landscaping in the front of our house. I thought...oh that's a nice idea. We hired a friend of his from work and I thought it came out nice...until....I suddenly realized that I wouldn't be able to do my graveyard for Halloween anymore.

Ren's comment regarding my discovery? : Aw darn. Too bad.

For some reason I don't think this was an unplanned side effect.


Me: That's a nice lego box you have there. What are you going to put in it?
CMan: A head.
Me: Oh. Um...OK.

CMan: Which one you want? (shows me item A and item B)
Me: This one (I point to item A)
CMan: This one? (hands me item B)
Me: No, this one (I touch item A)
CMan: This one? (shows me item B) OK (gives me item B).
I love how he makes you feel like you have a choice and then he gives you whatever he wants.

"Peepopotamus" (Hippopotamus)

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Mash Game: Creepy

Now that I'm not so bogged down with a million things to do, I'm finally able to catch up on my blog reading. I found this tidbit over at WB's blog.

Remember that game where you would write down all the boys you liked, cities you wanted to live in, cars you wanted to have (etc) and then you would pick a number and count them all and cross them off one by one? Well, here's the online version.

Here are my results...and frankly...they're disturbing...and lest you think I missed the point and only filled out the actual truth, I did not. I filled in all the available spaces and well, see you for yourself.

Behold... My Future

I will marry Ren.

After a wild honeymoon, We will settle down in Miami in our fabulous House.

We will have 4 kid(s) together.

Our family will zoom around in a Purple CRV.

I will spend my days as a asst registrar, and live happily ever after.

whats your future

What's this about 4 kids?


Monday, August 04, 2008

Baby pool!

I'm glad to say there was no further cramping this past weekend. Baby is still in the uterus as of today. Yay!

I've added a little sidebar linky over there to a fun baby pool. Step right up and submit your guess as to when this little wiggly man will come out. My C-section (39 weeks) is scheduled for 8-20-08. Will he make it till then?

How much will he weigh?


Time of his arrival?

Here's some info on Cman's birth for comparison:

Born via C-section at 40 weeks and 1 day
in the morning
7 lbs 11.8 oz
21 inches (although I think they measured wrong)

Go on over there and give it your best shot. Oh and while you're at it, can you name him for me too please? We seem to be at a loss....and I don't think Little Wiggly will cut it for too much longer.

In the meantime, I'll think of a nice prize to give to the weiner. I love prizes.

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Friday, August 01, 2008

Thank God.

I called the doc's office this morning (since they didn't return my call yesterday) and the nurse said the biopsy was benign. Thank God. You know, you'd think they wouldn't sit on that kind of's kind of important and stuff. Thanks for all the positive vibes you sent say that I'm feeling quite relieved today is a major understatement.

While I had her on the phone, I told the nurse that I had been feeling crampy this morning (plus I slept horribly last night) and she told me to go to Labor and Delivery triage to get hooked up to a monitor. I felt that was a little excessive. I told her I had only had about 3 cramps and she said that maybe I had only felt three, but that I might be having contractions that I wasn't feeling. Hmmm...I'm not ready for this baby to come yet convinced...I'll just drink more water and wait and see.

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