Monday, July 26, 2010

6 seconds of fame

Cristy and I come out in Episode 3 of The Glades, a new TV show on A & E. Check out the video links. I've also added screen shots because if you blink, you'll miss me.

Part 2 video:



Part 3 video:



Part 2:


Part 3:




Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Should I be concerned?

Some of Christian's latest drawings. He's only 4 by the way.

This started out as a knife, but then he changed it to a spaceship (by adding more knife-looking things) when he saw the disapproval (horror) in my face.

Do not be fooled by this harmless firefly looking object. It is an axe.

I thought this was a spaceship, wrong's a "weapon".

Based on the previous drawings I was going to guess that this was a bear trap, but this time, my first (oh so innocent) hunch was right. It's a dinosaur.

I'm thinking I should be sleeping with one eye open at night.

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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Why I should not be left alone with the playdoh...

...and a camera.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Christian's Quotes - 4th of July Special

Chris: "Yeah! I did a fireworks fart!"

ME (trying to hold my laughter in): "What's that?

Chris: "It's one that goes BOOM! PLOW!"

Chris has a Spiderman laptop that has games and talks to you. One of the games tells the child whether he or she is hot or cold (meaning close or not to the correct answer). My son has quite a temper and doesn't react well, when his toys don't work like he wants them to.

Laptop: You are cold.

Chris (to the laptop): NO! Don't tell me that I'm cold! I am HOT!

He then bangs on the keys and slams the laptop shut. I guess I just got a preview of what he'll look like in 20 years having a meltdown at the office.

Dora The Explorer on TV speaking to the kids watching the show: Baseball is fun! Do you like baseball?

Chris: Nobody here likes baseball OK, so stop asking those questions!

Friday, July 02, 2010

Random thoughts from inside a fitting room

Wow, that's alot of clothes to try on...

Oh HELL no...

Hm, looks like the petites are smaller in lots of places, not just the length....
Yeah, that's not going past my thighs....

Wow, I never thought I'd say this, but this dress is big on the bust's so roomy!

Now where are those size (ridiculously low) jeans that I gave the lady to put in the fitting room for me....?
I know it was stretch, but that's quite an insult if she didn't even put them in here...
I can totally hear her saying girl, don't even try....sad thing is, she'd be right.
But dude, they were only 10 bucks, I had to at least try.

OK, let's see how these brown ones look....OK, no, let's not....NEXT!

This zipper on this dress is won't go up all the way...
Oh no, it won't go down either....oh crap, I'm stuck in the dress...
So what's the protocol for getting out of a stuck dress in a fitting room?
Wiggle out somehow? Call the lady to laugh at me help me out?
Live in the dressing room forever?
Buy the dress since there's no way it's coming off without a pair of sissors? siscors? how do you spell scissors anyway?
Uh...nevermind...I got it. Whew...

Um yeah, I so have to go back to the gym....and stop eating crap...

OMG these jeans are delicious. I not only want to wear them, I want to snuggle with them, nibble on them and have their babies...

Wow, these pants make me look like I have an actual butt. I declare them to be magical pants. I must have them....

This shirt is cute...note to self, buy it in several colors...

These pleats are so not my friends...Next!

HELLO Balloon lady!...Nnnnnext...

Ahhh another pair of delicious are too long though...
OK...and these petite ones look like they might be too short. AaRGh!

When paying for aforementioned delicious jeans:
OMG They aren't 20 bucks as marked?
They're 5 bucks?
What is that you say?
An extra 50% off?
So they're really $2.50?!


When approaching car after leaving store:
A parking ticket?
Because my meter ran out a minute ago?