Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bag Lady

A little while ago Tere asked "What's in your purse?".

Well, I'm just getting to it now, so here it goes.

Here is the purse...

...and here are the contents:

You're lucky I was carrying my smaller purse, otherwise I might have needed to take several pictures in order to capture all the junk I carry in there.

OK let's dig into this puppy and see what's there:

Eyeglasses case: I like to use them for night driving and watching movies. The actual glasses may or may not be in that case. I'm special like that.

Extra large rubber band: I've been meaning to put that on Christian's toy box in the car. I don't want the lid flying all over the place.

Napkin: I carry this napkin as a color sample in case I see stuff for CMan's birthday party. I want to make sure whatever I buy coordinates with the rest of the tableware that I've chosen.

My keys from work: No, I don't work at's just a key chain.

Scrunchy: I have my hair up 90% of the time.

Checkbook: must pay the bills!

Phone: very important. This is the cheapest, plainest phone available. This phone does not take pictures or do tricks of any kind (well, it plays dead sometimes).

Various receipts: Halloween season is approaching, so as you can see, I've done alot of shopping at Michael's recently.

Sunglasses and case: notice the sunglasses are not in their case (black case). They are both independently floating around in my purse.

Crystal light drink mix: I've been meaning to drink this, but I keep's going to grow legs soon and walk out of my bag.

Airborne on the go powder mix: In case I'm feeling icky.

Car registration papers: that reminds me, I need to renew my registration.

Hair clip: see "Scrunchy" above

Crybaby candy: I love sour candy. One time I ate so many of these that my tongue bled. Masochist. I think the sourness quality of these has declined though (perhaps to keep fools like me from bleeding).

Pen: you never know when you'll need one (this is never in my purse when I need it though).

Wallet: stuffed with more receipts. I have a bit of a hoarding problem.

Computer disks: I was transferring some of Cmans pictures to my computer at home.

iPod and ear bud speaker thingy: the ear buds are floating around because I disconnect them to connect the iPod in my car. I love this toy. I use it when I go to the gym, but I still haven't made any playlists for the gym, so sometimes I end up listening to the Sound of Music when I'm on the elliptical machine. Yesterday I worked out to Thriller...figures huh.

Michael's flyer and coupon: like I said...I've been spending lots of time there. I think the cashiers know me by name now.

That's all I have for you folks, I'm glad I didn't get caught doing this meme on a day when compromising things were in my purse..ha ha.

So what's in your purse? leave a comment if you do this meme.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Chris and Charlie

Throw some money at her and what does she do?

She goes and gets a dummy.

Meet Charlie.

Chris and Charlie have become great friends. CMan tried to wear Charlie's hat and monocle. He tried to wear Charlie's shoes and even wanted Ren to wear Charlie's shoes. I'm surprised he didn't try to wear the little jacket and pants.

Charlie will be the star of my haunted house this year, so this is not the last you've seen of him.


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The training begins...

I went to Big Lots this weekend to check out the Halloween stuff and bought myself a Boris skull. This little skull comes with a "microbone" that you talk through. The skull projects your voice and moves it's jaw with your voice. Very cool!

I think Christian likes it too. He was fascinated because my voice was coming out of the skull. He would point to it and say "mama?". Ren told me to stop because I was freaking him out, so I turned it off. Chris got mad at me and demanded that I turn it back on...atta boy!

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

In my next life I will be a psychic meteorologist

I won! I won!

Thanks to Hurricane Dean (and to SOTP of course), I'm the winner of the Blowin' in the Wind Contest.

All I had to do was guess the formation date of this season's first Atlantic hurricane . I guessed Aug 13th and Dean became a hurricane this morning, so I was the closest.

For my hard labor and immense psychic talent, I will be awarded a $50 Amazon gift card. Woohoo!


Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I started taking CMan to little-kid-gym shortly after he started the swimming lessons. I wanted him to get a little more socialization (since he wasn't in daycare yet) with other kids and I wanted him to gain a little more agility and balance since he was a bit klutzy.

Well, at least two of the objectives were met. The sessions that we paid for will be over in two weeks and he's definitely gained some agility and balance. At first he could barely bounce on the trampoline or climb on things, but within 3 weeks he was bouncing around everywhere and trying to climb on things he wouldn't have before.

At first, the whole circle time concept was completely foreign to him, so it was a bit hard to get him to sit down in the beginning, but it got a little easier each week. I can't really blame him though, how can they expect kids to sit down when they have all these cool toys and playthings all around them? For example, Chris loves playing with the toy box full of balls. I wish they would hide it though because that's all he ever wants to do, and he can play with balls at home (and that's free).

As far as the socialization goes, I'm not sure if he's picked this up at the daycare, but he's become quite a bully. He pushes kids for no reason, as he walks past them (outta here, you're in my way) or if he's playing on something and another child comes to play with him, he whacks them or pinches them or pushes them away (except for Sophie, he seems to like her). He's generally really quick about it too, so oftentimes he's already done something before I can stop him. I usually tell him "Christian NO!" in a stern voice, but I don't think that's helping. He's become the little-kid-gym bully! Something needs to be done; I'm scared the other moms are going to jump me in the parking lot after class and kick my ass.

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Monday, August 13, 2007


I've been missing in action lately because I have become very concerned (obsessed) with the fact that Halloween is almost upon us (in two months and 17 days!) and I still haven't started on my props for this year's haunted house. This whole weekend was spent at yard sales and Home Depot and Michael's buying supplies. I'm about $100 poorer right now, but at least I have chicken wire, and PVC pipes, and glue, and gloves, and varnish, and paint, and wire clippers, and grave markers and...let's just say I'm going to be pretty busy for the next two and a half months, so the posting may be scarce. Don't say I didn't warn you.

I updated my page on (the myspace for Halloween freaks), so I will be posting all of my progress there. That way, I won't bore you with my excessive Halloween talk here.

BTW, if you have any extra Michael's coupons, please be sure to send them my way. Oh...and if you know where I can get cheap ventriloquist dummies, I'd really appreciate it.

Finally, speaking of dummies, I have a fun little quiz to share:

How smart are you? - Are you dumb?

Hopefully, you'll score better on the sports section because I tanked on that one!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

For the haunter that has everything...

Oh if only I could put this on my Amazon wish list!

It's a crawling zombie that grunts and moans and says clever things like "I can't feel my legs" and "hey slow down would ya, I can only crawl so fast"...LOL...I love it.

I can't make up my mind whether it's funny, creepy or cute.

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Monday, August 06, 2007

Beach bums

After 22 months, I finally took my child to Miami Beach. Yes, I know, it's crazy to live so close and never go, but I'm not really a beach person. I hate having to park so far away. I hate all the crap you have to take with you (times 2 with a toddler) and lug all the way down to the shore. I hate having the sand get all up in my nether regions. I hate the sand sticking all over me when I get out of the water. I hate having to pack up all the crap I brought and lug it back to the car that is now 200 degrees. I hate having all that sand in my car afterwards... you get the point right?

The last time Chris went to the beach was in El Salvador and he absolutely hated it. He screamed and wouldn't get in the water (not even in his little inflatable pool). He didn't even want to touch the sand much less play with it. This time was much different though. He loved the water and kept trying to taste it (like he does in the pool). When he realized how nasty it was he made a funny face. The sand was fun for him too, but at first he didn't like that it was sticking to him (I hear you little man). Once he got over it though he had a great time shoveling sand into the pail and dumping water all over himself.

After our romp in the water we headed back to the shelter. Thank god there was shelter otherwise it would have been unbearable. This weekend was the hottest weekend of the year. I haven't been to Miami Beach in years...leave it to me to go THAT weekend. The reason we went is that a Salvadorean group that my parents belong to was having a picnic. They lured me out of my cave with promises of steak, elotes locos (crazy corn), and loteria de Atiquizaya (raunchy Salvadorean bingo..yes, we're a bunch of classy folks). Unfortunately there was no crazy corn* when I got there, but I did win the first bingo game (I won 5 bucks) so I forgave them for their oversight.

Oh and by the way...watching Shark Week on Discovery Channel for a whole week and then heading out to the beach...not a good idea.

In other, more dramatic news, I had my first ambulance ride on Thursday night (that seems to be a recurrent theme this year, perhaps I'll buy an ambulance ornament for my tree that says 2007 on it). On Thursday night at around 9:30, I went to the Urgent Care Center because I was having bad abdominal pains and they weren't going away. At the UCC they gave me Xrays and a morphine injection for pain. The Xrays didn't show anything and the morphine didn't help the pain, so they took me via ambulance to Baptist hospital ER. There, they gave me an IV, drew blood, did an ultrasound, a CAT scan and I was seen by a doctor. Twelve hours later, they still couldn't find anything wrong with me (good I guess). The pain lasted for 5 hours and left as quickly as it came. I ended up leaving the hospital around noon. What a mission! Fortunately, I'm OK though; all my tests came out negative. I have to see a GI doctor to find out what the heck it could've been (probably trapped gas if you ask me) though.

And that my friends wraps up my weekend activities roster. How was your weekend?

*elotes locos/crazy corn: a Salvadorean food: sweet ear of corn roasted in its husk, then rolled in mayonnaise, mild cheese and thick cream (can also have mustard and a black sauce containing lea & perrins, tamarind and God knows what else) Yum!

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